While it might be tempting to just scratch one's head at the very existence of this fic, 'tis always better to have some specific examples, such as:

* How in the nine hells did Fluttershy have an adult scale nursery, an adult scale baby chair, and a nursery themed dungeon constructed without Dash noticing that ''something'' was going on her best friend's house?
** The prequel partially explains the nursery, at least: Fluttershy made it for herself before the events of part one, and kept the room locked so that no one would know about her fetish.
* So... Everypony in town has the exact same Age Play fetish and are willing to take it beyond just being a fetish and made into a borderline cult (assuming it hasn't already crossed the line into actually being one)? Alright, then...
* So, ''The Stare Master'' + Fluttershy's internal clock = [[MindRape Mind raping]] adult ponies into infantile mindsets. [[YourHeadAsplode Pop!]]
* Okay, I can see (sort of) how Rarity, AJ, Pinkie, and Zecora might be in on Fluttershy's little "secret", but how and why Twilight? She wasn't even a resident of Ponyville until relatively recently! How did she get inducted into this creepy cult? [[ParanoiaFuel Or are Celestia and Luna in on it too?]] And pardon me for saying this, but with this creepy local cult that seemingly ''everypony'' is in on save for one or two unfortunate victims, am I alone in getting a ''Film/TheWickerMan'' vibe from this? Or should that be ''[[IncrediblyLamePun The Whicker Mare]]''?