The elephant in the room here is THE MARRIAGE. All morality and cultural values aside, didn't this just feel completely contrived and unbelievable? Suddenly, the man who had practically raised [[spoiler: Taeko]] since she was a nine-year old child marries her!? I mean, as part of a plan to let her keep the house, it was a great plan (even I would have tried that plan) but where in all the story did that father-daughter relationship turn into a may-december romance?
* This point even deserves a new sub-section: How could all of [[spoiler: Taeko's]] delinquency just be swept under the rug? One would think parents would be horrified if their children become delinquents, not fall madly in love with them!?
** Well, her mum was nuts so she wouldn't mind. As for relatives........ they probably so disgust that they didn't appear at all in a manga.
* Also, how could the complain of this is fandumb? It is deserve to be complain.
** There are two sides to the complaint. One being the legimate issues with manga's narrative, characters, and the implications. The other being readers getting squicked at the idea of much older man marrying a teenager and raising a crapstorm without a deeper thought going through their head.