When the narrator is a shadow with amnesia, sometimes this game leaves your head itchy. Share your [[Headscratchers/HomePage Headscratchers]] here.

* Why are there several memories which only say "too blurry to read?" It'd make sense if you were able to unscramble them as the story progressed and you gained more memories, but instead they're just... always there, being pointless items which don't elaborate on the story.
* Where exactly did the Shadow Tower come from? Did the Shadow Soul create it or was it made by the humans? And why does placing glass mural pieces in a stone where your body was make it appear?
* What exactly happened at the top of the Shadow Tower? The player escapes the Shadow Soul, goes into his light body, and then Spangle just sorta magically sucks both the hero and the Shadow Soul into a gate. Then, when you wake up, Spangle is back with you, you're in a brand new area, the Shadow Soul is stuck in the well, and there are no thoughts/memories about what just happened. Is there any explanation?