* How was there already a Death of Being Ground By A Mars Rover Rock Abrasion Tool? There was a recent retcon that the first person to be killed by a particular cause of death becomes the Main/GrimReaper for those killed by that cause of death. So, if the first death by being ground by a mars rover rock abrasion tool was the one we saw, then how was there already a Death for that?
** Aliens with Mars rovers?
** If he's a Martian, why does he have a human skeleton? If he's human, how the smeg did he get there?
*** [[http://www.irregularwebcomic.net/395.html Martian have exoskeletons, which wouldn't]] [[Main/RuleOfCool look as cool]].
** Probably an accident during testing.
** Or it's just that he got demoted...
** David Morgan-Mar recently {{jossed}} the idea that the first person to die by something gets to be that Death. The David Morgan-Mar in the "Me" theme only became the Death of Going Back in Time and Murdering Yourself (or Death OGBITAMY) because of some law of time/the universe.

* How on Earth was an Allosaurus elected president? I mean, really?
** How could he lose? Observe:\\
''The first presidential debate''\\
'''Moderator''': Can you explain your economic policy:\\
'''[=McCain=]''': *Wheeze* Vietcong! Bailout! Metamucil!\\
'''Obama''': We will use our freedom to change to change our freedom\\
I know who I would vote for among that group
** The Allosaurus wins every poll in which it is included as an option, ''and does pretty good in all the others''. This is just the logical conclusion.
** Yeah, dah dah. And there was the fact that ''he won the election''. [http://www.irregularwebcomic.net/polls/poll0021.html]
*** Considering that no one won a majority in the re-election and the Allosaurus just kept being president, it seems more likely that some kind of cheating was involved in that election. That, and many of the voters weren't American and they just accepted it. And they ignored the electoral college. There would be open rebellion if the Allosaurus wasn't such a darn good dictator.
**** I believe the elections (and Re-elections) were fair, landslide victories. After all, this isn't some stupid politician, it's a goddamn ''[[EverythingsBetterWithDinosaurs Allosaurus!]]''
**** The author is Australian, and most Americans don't actually understand hoe presidential elections work (unfortunately). Plus, it really isn't worth the effort for such a simple punchline.
** [[EverythingsBetterWithDinosaurs He's an Allosaurus.]]

* Why is Death of Being Wrestled to Death by Steve a human skeleton? Did Steve once wrestle a human to death?
** Hey, all Deaths have human skeletons.

* I tried asking this on IWC forum, but got no answer: It was established that timeflow in IFPODWTF is non-linear. If that is the case, shouldn't all deaths be promoted? Seriously, if timeflow is nonlinear, deaths should be able to appear in any time period of any themes, and collect the necessary amount of souls needed to promote. This question seriously bugs me for a long time after it was established about timeflow.
** Sounds like a complaint you should register with the Paradox department.
** It's possible ''certain'' Deaths can go back in time. I think it was only the Head Death that did it to get David Morgan-Mar to go kill his past self. Of course, since the Deaths are insanely specialized, even if they could go back in time, they probably could collect enough souls to get promoted (or, alternatively, they are just incompetent and/or stupid that they don't realize they could). I mean, how many people die of insanely overpowered fireballs or being stared at by a frog?
*** Stared at by a frog, not many. However, there are ''many'' crazy mages around there...
*** Actually, here's something that may explain the frogstare: [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Advanced_Dungeons_&_Dragons_1st_edition_monsters Blindheims]]. (Scroll down a little bit).
** But the Death of Overpowered Fireballs had a myth bust off with Adam, and he grabbed Hitler's brain in the jar somewhere along the line...

* Why wasn't the Espionage theme affected by the universe ending?
** That theme followed the ''Bond'' films pretty closely, and James Bond never went to the Infinite Featureless Plane of Death.