* What's the deal with Japeth? Did a mountain witch really put a spell on him 37 years ago, or is he just looking for an excuse to sing everything? I ask this because he DOES manage to sing a lot of his dialogue, but the part where he clearly speaks to Red instead of singing, which she even points out ("You just talked! Just now!") makes me wonder. Also, his line "Keep your hands and feet inside of the vehicle at all times!" is clearly spoken and not sung.
** It's RuleOfFunny!
* Keith seems like a pretty threatening name to me.
** When considering that Keith is Scottish-Gaelic for "warrior", and Boris is Slavic for the same thing.
** Obviously, Boingo didn't agree.
** I figure Boingo must be an avid fan of ''WesternAnimation/RockyAndBullwinkle''.
* What's the order of Boingo's appearances in the charcters' stories?
** The most likely order in which Boingo crosses paths with the main characters is this:
# Runs into Red while riding her bike.
# Runs into Kirk after his truck is vandalized. He's still holding Red's carrot crumpet when he appears, so it's safe to assume that he has just hopped away from her. Given the timing, it's very likely that he had just raided the truck prior to that first encounter with Red.
# Ejects Red from the tramway.
# Presumably takes the tram fully up and shows up at the ski race with his men, who are being dispatched to take out Granny.
# Once he brings the car back down, he gives the Wolf and Twitchy directions for a shortcut.

* How does it end up that Red follows Boingo to the tramway terminal when she isn't at the cottage for Flippers to make the reveal that Boingo was the culprit?
** The answer comes through FridgeBrilliance: It is established that Red is a lot smarter than she lets on (she takes the threat about Granny's recipes quite seriously, correctly guesses the Bandit's scheme - to shut down all of his competitors - and escapes from the Wolf by improvising a diversion on the fly). When the Wolf is interviewed by Flippers, you'll notice that Red sits in on the interview (she's standing against the wall when the Wolf finishes his story, is in the doorway when he's starting to describe his day, and at the point in the Wolf's story where Red beats him up, the Wolf quickly refers to her martial arts photo). Therefore, if we are to assume Red sits in on the full interview, and maybe even took over questioning from Flippers at some points, then she also hears the Wolf talk about how Boingo tricked him and Twitchy into going into a bat-infested cave. As Red had already met Boingo, this likely raised a red flag with her, and may have made her realize that Boingo had caused her to fall from the tram car ("So let me get this straight: while you were trying to find out how to get here, a white rabbit came upon you and promptly gave you directions.").
** As it's very likely that the main characters could overhear what was being spoken in the interviewing room while waiting in the living room, it isn't far-fetched to assume that Red also listened in, if not sat in, on Kirk's story and heard the part about Boingo showing up immediately after Kirk found his truck raided (you can imagine her thinking, "Gee, seems a bit strange that these two complete strangers that I've never met, and who have never met each other before, crossed paths with Boingo, just like me, within the past 24 hours").
*** Alternatively, it is that during her HeroicBSOD, Red notices Boingo using her cape, and follows him.
* Red's bicycle is stored in the tram car when she's riding up with Boingo. She obviously is separated from it when she falls. When she comes across Boingo at the summit that night, even though Dolph is with Boingo, couldn't Red have easily thought of a simple ruse to trick Boingo into letting his guard down? She's reasonably smart, so she could have easily done something different than engage Boingo, like claiming to have come back up to retrieve her bike, or notice Granny's book and claim that she had misplaced it before the "accident".
** Like that would've worked. Red knew from her eavesdropping that Boingo had already been to the crime scene, that he was the bandit, and that he knew about what had happened between her, Granny, Kirk, and the Wolf - not to mention, '''Boingo was standing ''right in the middle of his evil lair'' at the time.''' You think he would've just given the book back to Red under the pretense that she forgot it?

* Exactly what causes the Wolf to fall for Red's ploy? He can clearly see that there are no legs under the cloak as he chases after it. Is it because he is desperate?