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Some characters and events Just Bug fans so much that they have their own pages. Please add related entries to the appropriate pages.

* [[Headscratchers/HeroesClaire Claire Bennett]]
* [[Headscratchers/HeroesNoah Noah Bennett]]
* [[Headscratchers/HeroesElle Elle Bishop]]
* [[Headscratchers/HeroesDanko Emile Danko]]
* [[Headscratchers/HeroesEmma Emma Coolidge]]
* [[Headscratchers/HeroesMonica Monica Dawson]]
* [[Headscratchers/HeroesSylar Gabriel Grey/Sylar]]
* [[Headscratchers/HeroesTheHaitian The Haitian]]
* [[Headscratchers/HeroesAlejandro Alejandro Herrera]]
* [[Headscratchers/HeroesMaya Maya Herrera]]
* [[Headscratchers/HeroesKnox Knox]]
* [[Headscratchers/HeroesIsaac Isaac Mendez]]
* [[Headscratchers/HeroesDaphne Daphne Millbrook]]
* [[Headscratchers/HeroesAdam Adam Monroe]]
* [[Headscratchers/HeroesHiroAndAndo Hiro Nakamura and Ando Masahashi]]
* [[Headscratchers/HeroesKaito Kaito Nakamura]]
* [[Headscratchers/HeroesMatt Matt Parkman]]
* [[Headscratchers/HeroesAngela Angela Petrelli]]
* [[Headscratchers/HeroesArthur Arthur Petrelli]]
* [[Headscratchers/HeroesNathan Nathan Petrelli]]
* [[Headscratchers/HeroesPeter Peter Petrelli]]
* [[Headscratchers/HeroesNikiJessicaAndTracy Niki Sanders/Tracy Strauss]]
* [[Headscratchers/HeroesSamuel Samuel Sullivan]]
* [[Headscratchers/HeroesMohinder Mohinder Suresh]]
* [[Headscratchers/HeroesMiscellaneous Miscellaneous Heroes Headscratchers]]