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* Duke is described as a badass and a hero, and yet he fails the one thing that actually matters - he fails to rescue a single woman that was taken by the aliens. He fails to save the Holsom twins, or any of the women in the hive.
** Which doesn't make him not a badass (he destroys the entire alien army on his own, twice)or a hero (he saves the earth and humanity repeatedly), it just means he couldn't save everyone. There's just nothing that could be done, once they women were impregnated by the aliens there was nothing he could do.
* While most fans ''hate'' the boxart, I like it. Except for one little thing. What the eff is up with Duke's left arm? Does it have 3 sections or something?
** His left hand is not visible, and is probably touching his buttock; that hand on his hip is probably a woman's, as can be inferred by the nails and structural differences.
** No, I realize the babe's hand is on his hip. But look at Duke's actual left arm. What could be called his shoulder is hanging a good few inches from the socket. Look at you left arm, then look at his. Don't you notice anything odd about Duke's?
*** Duke dislocated his shoulder fighting aliens, but he's just too damn badass to care.
*** Also: Perhaps his oversized ego causes him to thrust his chest out. That and the bandoleer (and difficulty in drawing pictures from high/low angles) causes this?
** I'm guessing it's the woman's right hand, coming over his shoulder and into his tanktop, making his left pec look too big and throwing off the proportion. Or a dumb art error, whichever works.
** Not a dumb art error, at least not of the cover artist. Look at his in-game model during the Press Conference. All your questions will be answered, he's just drawn that way.
* Ok, i can accept that puny bullets don't harm the mighty dukes' health, but why does he gain ego while hiding for cover like a coward? Wouldn't it be more appropriate that he gains ego immediatly after slaying those chick stealing pig aliens like a boss? Diablo II did this by introducing life leech, so why not in an [[IncrediblyLamePun ego shooter]]?
** Duke gains permanent increases to his ego by doing [[RatedMForManly manly things]] like beating bosses, winning arcade games, lifting weights, admiring himself in the mirror and [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking urinating in a toilet]]. Besides, regenerating health actually made this troper more reckless, as he didn't need to worry about conserving health for later. Just outlast every alien bastard that dares attack Duke.
** Well, performing an execution on a downed enemy immediately restores your ego to full, so there's that.
** The way I interpret it is that Duke getting hit hurts his self-esteem and ego, but when he ducks into cover or avoids fire, its his equivalent of shaking off the hits to his self-esteem and psyching himself up to step back out and kick some ass.
** Still doesn't excuse the fact that one to two shots from the aliens can kill the Chuck Norris of video games.
*** Duke's ego may shield him, but it doesn't shield him that much.
** Duke doesn't ''gain'' ego while running and hiding, it just goes back to its normal size whenever he is not being stuffed with bullets. Duke is so self-absorbed and narcissistic that his spirits rise all by themselves if there is nothing to keep his ego at bay. Simply because ''he is the Duke''.
** Again, that may be all true, but if he truly is so self-absorbed, he should have the ego the size of Europe. Unless, his small ego is telling us something else about him.
*** Well, at least he's not overcompensating...
** Personally I think that it makes perfect sense - almost to the point of FridgeBrilliance. He is THE DUKE. In his eyes he is omnipotent. A god amongst men. And the moment that someone or something shows him just how wrong he is? It hurts him far deeper than any bullet can. But like the example mentioned above, his ego is ''so large'' despite this that the mere act of flexing his biceps behind a rock is enough to put him back into fighting shape.
* Why does the reveal trailer call Duke "the man who disappeared without a trace"? He looks pretty famous in the actual game... Or is that another meta-joke from the line of "did you think I was gone forever"?
** I think it's a fourth wall breaking moment. After all 15 years is a hell of a long time in development for a video game.
* Why doesn't Duke get electrocuted when he jumps on the dead body in the electrified water in the Duke Burger? Human bodies conduct electricity too -- that's the whole reason people get electrocuted.
** Actually, humans get electrocuted and die because human bodies ''don't'' conduct electricity well. The damage done to a human body is because there's a lot of resistance as the electricity goes through.
** It'll still conduct onto the next thing it touches. Which is why if you get a line of people to hold hands and electrocute one of them, everybody will get a shock, particularly the last person.
** It's Duke. the electricity knows better than to fuck with him.
* So, the production of Duke Nukem Forever took fifteen years, yet they were able to make four other DN games in that span of time?
** None of those four other games were by 3D Realms.
* Why did 3D Realms (or Gearbox) insist on sticking Duke with modern gaming aspects (2 guns only mainly as the ego/health while lumped it could have counted as something different)?
** I'd imagine it was a side effect of the long development cycle and various attempts of bringing Duke up-to-date with then-current gaming trends that got out of date fairly often.
* So 12 years passed in-universe? I'm not saying older folks can't be [[BadassGrandpa totally awesome]], but wouldn't that put Duke in his mid-fifties or so? Or is he TheConstant?
** He was 45 in 2012. But when you exercise and stay fit like Duke, you'll look younger a lot longer. Chuck Norris is in his 70's and doesn't look it. You could argue the smoking and drinking and bad eating would take its toll, well the exercise should take care of the extra calories, not sure about the drinking, and considering how short his sprint lasts before he is wheezing, his lungs are terrible.