[[WMG: Literacy]]
Main Character can't read as a child. He then spends the next decade as a slave building an evil temple, and, when we see him next, he knows how to read. Why, exactly, did the evil cult teach their low-level packmule slaves how to read?
* I figured that Henry handled it. Scratching letters in the sand, and all that. Not like there was much else he ''could'' do to thank him at that point, until the TimeSkip ended...
* Evil cult outreach program at the local university. Looks ''great'' on a resume.
* Henry took your father's death very hard, since he was partially responsible for it. It's not a longshot that he taught you to read in an attempt to compensate for his previous spoiled brat personality.

[[WMG: Zenithian Sword]]
Okay then, let me get this straight. Both Pankraz and the Hero cannot wield the sword because it's implied to be too heavy for them. Yet, why is it that the Hero's 8 year old son can carry it with no problem? Looking at the official art, both Pankraz and the Hero look strong enough to carry almost anything. Sooooo.... Is the son only able to carry the sword because of the lineage from his mother's side, or is it that the Zenithian sword doesn't like to be carried by older people?
* Because the son is the Chosen Hero. He can lift it because he's TheChosenOne, and his father and grandfather can't because they aren't. Simple as that.
** Partially justified by the fact that neither are Zenithian. The sword itself seems to have a lock-out measure that refuses to let itself be "wielded" by non-Zenithians (they can still carry it, just not use it). [[spoiler:The hero has Loftian blood, which is arguably ''partially'' Zenithian (they did descend from them after all), but diluted by other factors, such as mixed with the bloodline of tamers over many generations along with, well, his royal/BadassNormal blood. The titular Heavenly Brides are ALL adopted (as explained by [=NPCs=] and party chat), and are implied to be Zenithian to a good extent (not entirely since they lack wings and all). TheChosenOne as per this game is specifically stated to be of Loftian and Zenithian blood (this is technically the REAL reason why Pankraz could never find them).]] The Zenithian helmet has been stated to shrink when he put it on, so one could suppose that if that shrinks to suit him well, the rest of the armor and the sword does so as well. As for why his sister can't use it, well, she's justified in-game as to being literally not strong enough to. Curiously, ''all'' of her other stats besides strength actually '''SURPASS''' her brother's, so that may explain why she can't equip the armor (she doesn't need to). [[spoiler:As for the mother being unable to equip gear, one could suppose she doesn't have Loftian blood. If nothing more, one could suppose past all of this, that [[AWizardDidIt Dr.Agon chose who would be the hero]]. Hey, he's a magic dragon, after all.]] If that's not justification, only [[WordOfGod one more thing]] could be, and that's a given.
* As the above long post says, there's a feature that locks anyone but TheChosenOne out. Specifically (in the DS version, at least) when you first find it and pick it up, the game says that you can feel the strength being sapped from the hand that's holding it and that your body feels like lead. The sword itself isn't actually all that heavy -- it just weakens anyone unworthy of wielding it.

[[WMG: Debora]]
Her over-the-top [[ItsAllAboutMe It's All About Me]] attitude can be amusing, but there's one detail that keeps bugging me: how she keeps referring to the hero as her slave rather than her husband. Mainly because, well... he was ''actually a slave'' for ten years. You'd think that having his own wife refer to him so casually as her slave wouldn't go over so well because of that, and that he'd ''explain'' this to her. The HeroicMime argument doesn't work, since a certain scene spells out that he ''does'' speak normally; it's just that we don't normally get to see what he ''says''. And it's not like he kept it a secret, because a few late-game Party Chats with Madchen reveal ''she'' knows he was made a slave for ten years. So if his young ''daughter'' knows about it, why wouldn't his '''wife?''' And if ''Debora'' knows about it, why would she keep calling him that?
* Because [[RichBitch Debora]] is all about the dominating - as long as she's on top, in control, getting her way, and being treated like a [[EverythingsBetterWithPrincesses princess]], she doesn't really care what others think about what she says or does.
* One can assume that, [[MultipleEndings if the hero actually chose her]], he loves her despite this. [[CaptainObvious It's not like she isn't completely upfront about what their relationship will be like]]. Maybe all that time working for Zugzwang gave the hero a submission fetish? [[BoobsOfSteel Provided it's performed by busty girls, anyway]].
** Just her chest? You aren't giving Debora enough credit. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWo6-btKluM Cinematics]] have been made to show just how "Bon kyu Bon" she is (roughly translated: "Va Va Voom").
* I get the impression the couple is engaged in heavy role-play. It's not unusual to eroticize traumatic events, so I could see Hero having a thing for a hot busty wife who calls him "slave" and then #$#$s his brains out. As for why it's "role-play" and not in-game reality: Hero is the leader of the party, and Debora follows him wherever he goes. Debora also follows Hero's commands in battle, including what weapons to use and how to dress. She may play at being dominant, but when things get real, Hero calls the shots. Contrast with Pankraz, who actually '''is''' dominant over Hero, and thus makes his own decisions on gear and cannot be commanded in battle. Most of the time, Pankraz even directs the party with Hero just following along.
* In the original Japanese, Debora calls the main character her "geboku," which is a bit more accurately translated as "manservant," than slave.

When Treacle asks the hero as a kid to come close and let her get a good look at him after he brings her the Herald of Spring, why does he back up half-way across the room from where he was standing next to her? Is she far-sighted or something?

[[WMG:Illogical aging]]
All right, this one's bugged me for a while. When the hero gets turned to stone and sold to the rich man, you watch his child grow over a period of seven years. Then his child gets kidnapped, and not long afterwards, your children show up to rescue you. Eventually, you're able to rescue the kidnapped child... who now appears to be an adult! (Or at least a teenager.) If he was born ''after'' the hero's children, shouldn't ''he'' ''also'' still just be a kid?

The main character got his Loftian blood from his mother, while his father is merely a BadassNormal. His wife supplied the Zenithian blood to their offspring. The combination is supposed to bring about the legendary hero. If they both have separate matrilineal origins, why isn't the daughter the Legendary Hero? At best, you'd expect the son to be half-normal and half-Zenithian.