* Would the destruction of the [[spoiler: V2 facility]] at Sottevast, not, (fridge) logically, have killed [[spoiler: KZ inmates working in the factory]]?
** Quite possibly. Then again, all those quiet little French towns, and all those quaint buildings you blew the shit off to get to the creamy German filling ? They were most probably still inhabited. WarIsHell.
*** In cases like that, sometimes the civilians panic and head for the hills... sometimes, they don't. [[WarIsHell War is still Hell]], of course.
** Not to mention its entirely possible that the Allied forces storming the place never realized the factory [[spoiler: was staffed by inmates, since they never actually go inside the facility.]] This leads to a bit of FridgeHorror, but once again: WarIsHell.

* The Panther, slow? It was faster than the Sherman, generally. In particular, all models were in reality faster than the Hotchkiss light tanks by 10-25km/h.
** One word: balance. Even with the Panther being [[MightyGlacier slow as it is]], it is still enough to cause Allied armor commanders to panic. If it were fast enough to outflank Allied tanks, it would be horrendously [[GameBreaker gamebreaking]].
*** But to make the Hotchkiss significantly faster is just absurd. They could have at least chosen some model of SdKfz 234 armored car as the German speedy tank. The H39 was a piece of obsolete junk. Better yet, they could have made the Panzer VIE (Tiger) the German heavy tank, the Panzer IV the standard tank, and the SdKfz 234 the fast "tank".
*** Or a late model Panzer III, armed with the same 50mm gun used as an antitank gun in fact.