* The JustForFun/AvatarAndTheAirbendingFellowshipOfVampireSlayers bugs me for the sole sake that it reminds me of a movie by Creator/SeltzerAndFriedberg. From what I know that isn't a good thing.

Remember, ''JustForFun/AvatarAndTheAirbendingFellowshipOfVampireSlayers'' is the perfect show. This is a sub-page of the [[Headscratchers/HomePage Headscratchers]] entry for the {{JustBugsMe/TVTropes}}, and should be treated as such.

[[WMG:What happened to the Wiki's Character Pages for Avatar and Solo?]]
The other characters all have their own pages, but the [=McPotter=] brothers' pages are redlinked. Since we appear to have [[WriterOnBoard Writers On Board]], why haven't any of them fixed this?

[[WMG: Why did [[spoiler:Alternate Sue]]]]
attack [[spoiler:Alternate Alternate Solo]] if they were both [[spoiler:ChaoticGood]]?
* I must've missed that episode...
* It was very simple. Weren't you concentrating? [[spoiler: They didn't have conforming views of ChaoticGood so they decided the only way to decide to attack each other to decide which ChaoticGood view was right. Obviously, they were both zapped away by the LawfulNeutral aliens so they could not kill each other.]] Of course, that's the comic continuity-which I am guessing you are referring to-and the official TV [[Canon]] is insanely complicated and has not been completely resolved yet. WordOfDante, though, said this issue will finally be resolved in a three-parter just before the season eight finale involving the GrandReveal of the Head of the Dark Council and [=TVTS=] and will mark the end of the current arc. There-finished typing it up.

[[WMG:Whatever happened to the other PoorlyDisguisedPilot?]]
''MyLittleRainbowPrincessPrettyMoonShortcake'' is supposedly a spinoff of ''JustForFun/AvatarAndTheAirbendingFellowshipOfVampireSlayers'', and it says on the spinoff's main page that the writer left the parent show after directing the PoorlyDisguisedPilot for her spinoff. Yet no such episode has aired. What happened? Is this a [[MissingEpisode lost episode]], or is it just not airing until season 4?
* Someone discussed this on the page for the other show that the PoorlyDisguisedPilot is late season 3/early season 4.

[[WMG:Why is everyone so nasty towards ''MyLittleRainbowPrincessPrettyMoonShortcake''?]]
It's not really that bad, honestly. Yes, I know it's idealistic, [[SincerityMode which is inheretly bad,]] but seriously, people!
* Not everyone is: [[{{GIFT}} I'm often on internet forums]] defending the show [[SingleIssueWonk in the strongest terms]] against the haters, even if I have to [[AdHominem call their intelligence or sexuality into question]].

[[WMG:Where'd the writers go?]]
Where are the writers? Why are there no new episodes yet?