Explores Freudian dreamscape.\\
Uboa scary.

[[EnsembleDarkhorse Space Piano Man]]\\
Whole fandom wants to [[PerverseSexualLust bang you]]\\
[[MisaimedFandom Missing the point?]]

Oh, fandom\\
Shipping wars and arguments\\
What have we become?

[[BoysLove Shitai]] or [[FanPreferredCouple Madotsuki]]?\\
Maybe a threesome?

Where is Poniko?\\
[[UglyCute The]] [[StepfordSmiler giant mask]] [[SchmuckBait wants a hug]]-\\
[[NiceJobBreakingItHero He sent me to Hell]]!

Freudian nightmares;\\
Poor broken Madotsuki.\\
Was freedom worth it?

Learn from my mistake:\\
[[SchmuckBait Please don't play]] VideoGame/YumeNikki\\
[[ParanoiaFuel If you're home alone.]]

What the hell is this?\\
No, I mean, srsly?\\
I just crapped my pants.

Masada Sensei,\\
[[TheWoobie Woobie-ness]] and [[UglyCute googly eyes]]\\
[[FreakyIsCool Weird]] [[StupidSexyFlanders yet]] [[PerverseSexualLust do-able]].

It starts like normal,\\
The tale of a young woman,\\
[[MindScrew Then it melts your brain.]]

If it's not yet clear\\
Take it to heart; don't play this\\
game alone at night.\\


Weird; and in the [[DownerEnding end]]\\
it takes a turn for the worst.\\
[[spoiler: DrivenToSuicide.]]