I've seen this before\\
I know the plot, the ending\\
It's ruined for me!
->-- {{@/Tacitus}}

Just another page\\
Then I'll get some sleep, honest!\\
... Morning? Already?
->-- @/FloatingRootBeer

Time and time again\\
I'm drawn here from lack of will\\
Agh, what have you done?!
->-- Davin Valkri

TV Tropes Wiki\\
A thousand hours wasted here.\\
[[TitleDrop Your life is ruined.]]
->-- @/TheTallOne

Read it when you're bored.\\
Ruin my life, you say? I'll\\
Die happily, then.
->-- {{@/scarlet-city}}

So many pages...\\
Time spent can really stack up.\\
I want my life back.
->-- @/TheHeroHartmut

TV Tropes? I'll look in\\
I guess. Click, click, click, click, click\\
Wait - where'd 5pm go?
->-- Tropers/ICantThinkOfAWittyName

What is this site?\\
There's so many cool links, but\\
Why's it now Thursday?
->-- {{Tropers/Iceguppie}}

This seems like fun, kid,\\
But [[TrustMeImAnX Trust Me, I'm A Troper]],\\
[[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife It ruins your life]].
->-- @/SeanMurrayI

Random article...\\
Oh, so THAT'S a ChekhovsGun!\\
Hold on, what's THIS trope...?

[[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife TV Tropes will]] [[SubvertedTrope not]]\\
Ruin my life; cause you can't\\
[[SelfDeprecation Ruin what's not there!]]
->-- @/RLYoshi

Somebody help me!\\
I just got on TV Tropes,\\
And I can't get off!
->-- @/DarthVoldemort

Just want to check this\\
I'll just click a few more links\\
Er, WhatYearIsThis
->-- {{@/Yendor}}

Open up a page\\
Will you be able to leave?\\
I don't think you can...
->-- {{Tropers/Creationator}}

Oh, this show is here?\\
It has lots of examples!\\
...Never mind homework...
->-- Luna Safire

Some of it is good,\\
Some of it is also pretty bad.\\
But it's mostly cool.
->-- TT454

I came in here\\
I clicked a trope to read about\\
And here I am, clicking life away\\
->-- {{Tropers/Alexia}}

Through links I peruse\\
This wasting site, still I warn\\
You with this Poem\\

I'm so tired from being on this sight\\
It's gotten bad now.\\
I can't even remember how to spell. Or count.
--> Yugi195