Stupid {{Tsundere}}!\\
[[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial It isnt like I like you]]\\
[[IWasJustPassingThrough Im just passing through!]]

You're an idiot!\\
Nothing will make me admit\\
"I kind of like you"
->-- Anonymous tropette

First, she is sour\\
Then, she is sweet! But watch out...\\
[[{{Yandere}} She might be crazy!]]
->-- zblayde

She says "I love you"\\
And then, all of a sudden\\
"Stop talking to me."
->-- themike

She runs hot and cold.\\
A staple of animé;\\
Strangely endearing.

There is a big heart\\
behind my cold outside,\\
you moron.\\

You are a baka.\\
You don't realize my feelings.\\
But still, I love you.\\

Write me a poem\\
(as if that would impress me)\\
'''''[[MoodWhiplash Back to]] {{Tsundere}}'''''