Please don't feed the trolls!\\
They wreak havoc [[ItAmusedMe just for fun]]\\
[[{{GIFT}} on the Internet.]]

We do it for lulz\\
Problem, Administrator?\\
You cannot stop us.

In it for anger\\
Go and bother someone else\\
Shut up you bastards.
-->-- @/CountDorku

Lives under a bridge,\\
And eats goats for sustenance.\\
Oh, no, wait, wrong troll.

[[ForTheEvulz LOL]], I'm a vandal\\
Time to piss more people off\\
I'm banned? Whatever.
-->-- @/SgtFrog1

You know that jerk who\\
Frequents the schoolyard? He's got\\
A computer, too.

[[ForTheLulz Trolls do it for lulz]]\\
[[TemptingFate I talk to them politely]]\\
[[ItAmusedMe 'cause they amuse me]].
-->-- @/{{Bailoroc}}

They think that they are\\
Accomplishing something great.\\
[[HahahaNo HA HA HA HA no]].
-->-- @/{{STK}}

Lololol Lolololol\\

They are eating her!\\
And then they're going to eat\\
me too! [[{{Narm}} OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD]]
-->-- @/{{Dontcallmewave}}

[[FoeYay They]] '''''[[FoeYay HATE]]''''' [[FoeYay you so much]]\\
[[FoeYay They read your every post]]\\
[[ShutUpHannibal Wow how pathetic.]]
-->-- feral