[[spoiler:[[DeadToBeginWith Dead]] teens]] play [[ChessWithDeath the Game]] \\
In [[IronicHell Underground Shibuya]] \\
To come back to life.
->-- {{@/Marshmello}}

Whammies shake the field \\
Save it quick, spin and slash it \\
Tip Pin Slammer Champ
->-- @/ViperSean

[[LonersAreFreaks The loner, the freak]] \\
Sorrow, regret, stabbing pain \\
Now deaf to the world
->-- @/ViperSean

Black cat and NiceHat \\
[[spoiler: A borrowed face, her disguise]] \\
[[spoiler: False joy]] in her eyes
->-- @/ViperSean

A smirking visage \\
Holds life and death in his hands \\
Playing games with souls
->-- @/ViperSean

Dim wit, heart of gold \\
[[BigBrotherInstinct Hurt his sis, he'll give you worse]] \\
Now, the [[IncrediblyLamePun beat]] is on!
->-- @/ViperSean

[[GoodWithNumbers Through the use of math]]\\
He will calculate the way\\
To cast down a god
->-- @/ManCalledTrue

He will save you all\\
[[AssimilationPlot By making you all the same]]\\
[[GenderBlenderName Girly name]] or no
->-- @/ManCalledTrue

I don't look [[{{Bishonen}} girly]]\\
It's 'Ambiguous Beauty'\\
You're only jealous
->-- @/SpectrumFizz

Framed eyes of cold ice\\
Linger harshly on Players\\
The Iron Maiden
->-- @/PiFace314

I've let you down, who\\
Trusted me, believed in me\\
I'm sorry, Neku

After all my lies\\
One thing I can't hide from you\\
Is my loneliness
->-- anon

Play the Reaper's game\\
Make a pact, don't get erased\\
You have seven days
->-- [[{{Tropers/ptitleyeq7h336}} 1angelette]]

Wear the new red pin\\
Dominate the scramble screen\\
Come get some hot stuff!\\

Fight with pins. Survive\\
Last for the whole week and win\\
[[spoiler: Sorry. Two more weeks!]]
->-- [[{{Tropers/Carls493}} Carls493]]

Wake up, show appre-\\
ciation. Wake up, time for\\
us to realize.\\