New show on T.V.\\
I watched it one day and asked,\\
[[MindScrew What the Hell was that?]]
--> {{@/DeepC}}

This is a bad show\\
The colors burn my eyes, man\\
What were they thinking?
--> @/CalamityJane

No need to get high\\
Flash has never been trippier\\
Mind has been screwed
--> @/{{Jayday12345678910}}

Website/{{Newgrounds}} had a baby;\\
A deformed baby that should die\\
What a piece of [[UnusualEuphemism Alfe]]
--> @/SuperFlash101

Well I have to say,\\
this show is getting better\\
It's still damn trippy!
--> {{@/DeepC}}

On [[Creator/CartoonNetwork CN's]] website\\
I saw an ad for this show\\
Hatred at first sight
--> {{@/Snowsky}}

What were the execs\\
Thinking?! Seriously, watch\\
[[WesternAnimation/AdventureTime Finn and Jake]] instead!
--> {{@/Snowsky}}

This show is awesome\\
It's really quite creative\\
Haters gonna hate
--> {{@/Arpanet}}

People says it's cool\\
I laugh at their opinions\\
I show them [[WesternAnimation/RegularShow talent.]]
--> {{@/UnorigunNalname}}

I don't understand\\
Why the hell do they complain ?\\
This show is awsome
--> {{@/Dragongirl0905}}

A kphoria base for style\\
My eyes, they are bleeding now\\
What the fuck is this?
--> {{@/Camwood}}

Worst cartoon ever\\
Should have gone to Adult Swim\\
[[FanDumb Why does it have fans?]]\\
--> Tropers/MagnusForce

Problem Solverz blows\\
This show I think may just be\\
The spawn of Satan\\
--> {{@/sailoralkaline}}