Win A Vast Fortune\\
In Cars, Trips, And Merchandise\\
If [[TitleDrop The Price Is Right]].
--> --{{@/colBoh}}

Troper, come on down!\\
You are the next contestant\\
On ''The Price is Right!''
--> --{{@/Twentington}}

Do I bid one buck\\
or one buck over the guy\\
that is to my right?
--> --{{@/Wolfman2000}}

They changed things again\\
The FanDumb whines like crazy\\
It makes me facepalm
--> --{{@/A-l-e-x-99}}

Lost a simple game.\\
That was not nice and easy.\\
When's the Showcase round?\\

For once, I do wish\\
People playing Ten Chances\\
Would write zeroes last!\\

We all love Plinko!\\
Hold the chip flat on the board\\
And then let it go!\\