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Why so serious?\\
Oh, that's right, it's because I\\
Blew up your girlfriend.
-->[[Tropers/SomeSortOfTroper Some Sort Of Troper]]

Damn you, evil clown.\\
Now I guess I'll go and kill\\
Everyone but you.

Lots of lip-licking\\
And dragging out your "o"s can\\
Win you an Oscar.
-->[[{{Tropers/Planet-man}} Planet-man]]

A movie about\\
A psychotic clown's fight with\\
The goddamn Batman!
-->[[{{Tropers/DJMarred}} DJ Marred]]

This movie is great\\
But all I can think is\\
The sequel will flop.

The Joker Strikes Hard\\
Chaos fights against order\\
The Dark Knight triumphs\\

Do you all want to \\
know Why I am so awesome?\\
Because I'm BATMAN