Lucy in the sky,\\
Strawberry fields forever\\

If there's one thing you\\
Can't deny, they lived on a\\
Yellow submarine

All of the music\\
Made since the seventies on\\
Is because of them
->-- @/ManCalledTrue

George, John, and Paul, and,\\
[[MyFriendsAndZoidberg Of course, Ringo]] changed the face\\
Of rock forever.
->-- @/Smartie2thaMax

Without The Beatles\\
Modern Pop would not exist\\
Mixed results, eh lads?
->-- @/GuyGuyson

She's a day tripper\\
She has a ticket to ride\\
Hope it's not Lucy
->-- @/SenseiLeRoof

All the lonely people\\
Listen to them, thinking\\
All You Need Is Love\\

within you and without you\\
a day in the life\\

John fucked up real bad\\
"More popular than Jesus"\\
He was [[BeamMeUpScotty misquoted]]\\
->-- @/SWFMax