Chris Pine, Zack Quinto\\
May not have the history\\
But they're not too bad
--> --Rich318

Captain James T. Kirk\\
Of the starship Enterprise\\
Likes {{Green Skinned Space Babe}}s

Science officer\\
Mr. Spock is half-Vulcan\\
He has pointy ears

Leonard "Bones" [=McCoy=]\\
Is a doctor not an X\\
Dammit, he's dead Jim

Hikaru Sulu\\
Is the helmsman of the ship\\
He performs judo

Montgomery Scott\\
[[BeamMeUpScotty Never told to "beam me up"]]\\
Worked on the engines

Young Pavel Chekov\\
Navigates them to the stars\\
[[ChekovsGun His gun means nothing]]

The Comms Officer\\
Lt. Uhura opens\\
Hailing frequencies

When I saw this film\\
I fell asleep instantly.\\
Not even a fan
--> --Tropers/That897Guy

Ongoing mission\\
To explore strange new worlds\\
Oh look, a tribble

Small town rebel punk\\
Meets alien poindexter\\
Get out of the chair

Live long and prosper\\
''Enterprise'' made by [[UsefulNotes/AppleMacintosh Apple]]\\
Parking brake is off

School-kids on starship\\
Vengeance consumes everything\\
The future begins

''Star Trek'' saved by [[Creator/JJAbrams guy]]\\
Who really prefers ''StarWars''\\
Ha ha, go figure

[[LongRunner Long-running]] [[Franchise/StarTrek franchise]]\\
[[BrokenBase I have only one question]]\\
[[Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration Picard]] or [[Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries Jim Kirk]]?

Into the black hole\\
Where no man has gone before\\
[[SlashFic Bend over, Scotty]]