The characters know\\
that this one haiku alone\\
is insufficient.
-> @/{{Wolfman2000}}

Making a sandwich\\
[[LoadsAndLoadsOfLoading while the game loads the data]].\\
The game is too slow.
-> @/{{Wolfman2000}}

{{Obvious Beta}}.\\
And to think I wanted this!\\
Well, I've changed my mind.
-> [[Tropers.ReikoKazama Reiko Kazama]]

This game would have rocked\\
But they rushed for Christmas day\\
Now look what we [[ObviousBeta got]].
-> Tropers/GoldHeartKyogre

Third worst Sonic game\\
Lowest of the low for him\\
My God, They Killed Blaze!
-> Tropers/{{Miru}}

This game was so bad\\
It erased itself from time\\
Had good music, though
-> Tropers/DanGenesis Dan Genesis

Terrible Story\\
Had plenty of characters\\
No one gave a shit.
-> Tropers/TweedlyDee

At least the Let's Play is good,\\
If only for [[AtomicFBomb "FUUUUUUCK!"]]
-> Tropers/KingOfKatamari

It was on clearance.\\
I actually beat this game.\\
I need a hard drink.
-> Tropers/ProfessorRaine

It had potential.\\
But [[MeddlingExecutives executives rushed it]].\\
Oh, WhatCouldHaveBeen.
-> Tropers/BonsaiForest

[[InterspeciesRomance Sonic and Elise]].\\
What the hell were they smoking\\
To think that was sane?
-> [[{{Tropers/Odd1}} 0dd1]]

Ah HaHaHaNo\\
[[DiscreditedMeme Everyone knows]] [[ObviousBeta its status-]]\\
[[LoadsAndLoadsOfLoading Now it loads. Again.]]
-> Tropers/BlueGuy

This game just plain sucks.\\
Only thing worth playing for:\\
Creator/DanGreen's EvilLaugh.
-> [[{{Tropers/Cyberlink420}} Cyberlink420]]

Aspired to so much\\
But, due to impatience, lived\\
Up to none of it

Endless loading screens\\
Backed up by sucky physics\\
Also, [[MostAnnoyingSound IT'S NO USE]]\\
-> [[{{Tropers/WilliamSchnell}} WilliamSchnell]]

It could have been great\\
But Creator/{{Sega}} mucked it all up\\
What a disaster
-> Tropers/ViperAcidZX

It's pretty awful\\
But I think the worst game is\\
-> [[{{Tropers/Awesomekid42}} Awesomekid42]]

I made this haiku\\
While waiting for this damn game\\
[[LoadsAndLoadsOfLoading To finally load.]]
-> [[{{Tropers/IayssLenior}} IayssLenior]]

What the hell, Sega?\\
Time travel plots are bullshit\\
Also, [[spoiler:Sonic dies?!?!?!]]
-> [[{{Tropers/Thunderchin}} Thunderchin]]

%%It's been five minutes\\
Sonic is probably dead by now\\
As Sega faces another paycut
-> [[{{Tropers/Kiikomi}} Kiikomi]]%%