Pika Pikachu!\\
Pikapi! Pikachu Pi!\\
Pi Pi-kachu!! ''Chuuuuuuuu!!''
->-- {{@/CAD}}
%% DontExplainTheJoke version: "My name's Pikachu! / Ash! Misty! / Team Rocket!! *Thundershock*" (Pretty much sums up the cartoon...)

Gotta catch 'em all!\\
(Except the legendaries.\\
Stay away from them.)
->-- @/FalconPain

Travel the whole world\\
Get army of cute critters\\
Capture God. Good times.
->-- @/InsanityPrelude

Gotta Catch 'Em All!\\
Six-hundred and forty-nine.\\
This will take a while.
->-- mr13lake

Catch every critter\\
Battle friends and earn badges\\
Kiss your life goodbye
->-- {{@/superfroggy}}

Wanna catch 'em all?\\
[[OneGameForThePriceOfTwo Then buy lots of different games]]\\
And visit events
->-- {{@/Blork}}

Imprisoning {{Mons}}.\\
10-year-olds WalkingTheEarth.\\
Tamer than it sounds.
->-- @/TheHeroHartmut

Name another game\\
In which 10 year olds enslave\\
Kickboxing chickens.
->-- {{@/Slouch}}

Pokémon! A lot!\\
[[LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters Four hundred and ninety three!]]\\
I have caught them all.
->-- Tropers/RabidBiscuit

Oops, above troper.\\
[[LongRunners They'll always add more Pokés\\
To keep the show on]]
->-- {{@/Iceguppie}}

Complex strategy\\
Unless you play [[VideoGame/PokemonRedAndBlue Red or Blue:]]\\
[[GameBreaker Use Psychic and win.]]
->-- @/ARandomSerf

[[VideoGame/PokemonRedAndBlue Red Blue]] Yellow Gold\\
Silver Sapphire Ruby Green\\
It will never end
->-- {{@/ItTolls4You}}

[[RidiculouslyCuteCritter Extremely cute]] [[{{Mons}} mons]]\\
Alongside big badass ones\\
Let battle begin!
->-- @/{{Snowsky}}

In this confusing\\
World of optimistic kids\\
You can catch a God
->-- {{@/CalamityJane}}

Discovering more\\
Every few years; it's so fun\\
Seeing what is new
->-- @/DaLucaray030

Many Pokéballs\\
Many pokémon captured\\
Gotta catch 'em all
->-- {{@/Xxfirekirby 94 xx}}

Gotta catch 'em all\\
But do it by tommorow\\
A new game is out
->-- {{@/mariocake1}}

At last! I got her!\\
Chansey from Safari Zone!\\
Will never be used.
->-- {{@/rTicWolf}}

Finally! A rare\\
Shiny Pokemon. Oh, no!\\
No more Pokeballs!
->-- {{@/rTicWolf}}

I have a Machamp\\
Oddly enough, it's female\\
How could this happen??
->-- {{@/WMBQ}}

My flawless tactics\\
Toppled by the [[OlympusMons Uber tier]]\\
[[GameBreaker Arceus]]? RageQuit!
->-- {{@/Muramasan13}}

Snakes, wasps, Ammonites.\\
{{What Measure Is A Non Cute}}?\\
Here, it's your best friend!
->-- {{@/Shadow Stained Sky}}

My last Poké Ball.\\
Throw it! Shake, shake, come on now...\\
Oh no! It broke free!
->-- {{@/RLYoshi}}

Friend says, "Get a life!\\
Twenty years old- still playing\\
Pokemon?" "FUCK YEA."
->-- {{@/razorrozar7}}

Way too many now.\\
At first, just one fifty-one...\\
Now six forty-nine?!
->-- {{@/KingOfKatamari}}

[[CashCowFranchise Too much Pokemon]]\\
Is just exaggerated\\
[[TakeThat Still better than]] [[VideoGame/CallOfDuty COD]]
->-- {{@/JunkWarrior20999}}

I had Yellow once. \\
[[MyGreatestFailure Used my Master Ball on Haunter]]. \\
[[YouthIsWastedOnTheDumb I was just a kid]].
->-- {{@/Tyrekecorrea}}

Red Green Blue Yellow\\
Gold Silver Ruby Sapphire\\
Diamond Pearl Black White
->-- {{@/Oboeplum}}

Friendship, Family, Skill, Love\\
That is what Pokemon is\\
about. Love them all
->-- {{@/AzelfBlast}}

Walk into the cave\\
->-- {{@/Derplunn57}}

In a world where {{Mons}}\\
Are rare 'cause of [[PaletteSwap the color]]\\
It's insanity
->-- {{@/thepmdfangirl}}

I like this; sadly,\\
Gen 6 is disappointing.\\
The first five are great!