Luffy is awesome\\
So are all his nakama\\
He'll be Pirate King

Epic fantasy piece\\
Not overly romantic\\
Like other fantasies[[note]]I say this, because most of YA fantasy epics today have more romance and overdone high school drama than fantasy[[/note]]
-->@/{{Iku Masamune}}

King of the Pirates?\\
The guy who's gonna make it\\
is made of rubber.

“Black Leg” Sanji, cook\\
[[ChivalrousPervert Womanizing]] chain-smoker\\
[[WouldntHitAGirl Who does not hit girls]].

"One Piece"\\
The Strawhat Pirates\\
They are searching for the great\\
Treasure called One Piece\\
Monkey D, Luffy\\
Rubber man who soon will be\\
The next pirate king\\
Green haired man Zoro\\
Greatest swordsman in the world\\
what he wants to be\\
Cat burglar Nami\\
Steals your heart, and your wallet.\\
You won't want them back\\
King of lies, Usopp\\
A great sniper even though\\
He is a coward\\
Five star cook Sanji\\
Has some great kicking moves and\\
Likes to make good food\\
Great doctor Chopper\\
Blue nosed reindeer who can change\\
Into a human\\
Miss Nico Robin\\
An archaeologist who\\
Will give you a hand\\
Franky the cyborg\\
A great shipwright who can build\\
Many other things\\
Skeleton man Brook\\
Has an afro, is undead\\
Plays a mean violin\\
Want to be my friend\\
We are, we are on a cruise\\
Yes indeed, we are\\
by wariodude128

He's called Humming Brook\\
Musician long sought after\\
[[DemBones Since decayed to bones]]

[[HeartIsAnAwesomePower Pushing turns godlike]]\\
[[ImprobableWeaponUser Swords turn into elephants]]\\
[[CrazyAwesome What the hell, Oda.]]

Rumble ball fever\\
Eat three within six hours\\
[[Film/PulpFiction I double dare ya.]] [[labelnote:Wtf?]]I'm well aware of how off that last sentence was, but what the hell, it was too hilarious to not leave behind XD[[/labelnote]]

Good dub openings.\\
"Come aboard and sing along",\\
[[SoBadItsGood Set sail for One Piece]].

From Roger to Ace\\
To Dragon, Garp and Luffy\\
The Will of the D.

Brook the skeleton\\
Is in love, but can not feel.\\
Yohoho! Skull joke!

Lets gather a crew,\\
Then journey to the Grand Line.\\
One Piece awaits us.

The treasure, One Piece\\
Is the MacGuffinTitle,\\
Luffy will find it!\\

"High Bounty Trio"
Luffy, the [[IdiotHero Dumbass,]]\\
[[RubberMan Man of Rubber]] and Romance,\\
[[AlternateCharacterInterpretation Or is he stupid?]] \\
Zoro, the 3 swords.\\
Will beat the best swordsman,\\
[[{{Determinator}} No matter the cost.]]\\
Robin, the [[BadassBookworm bookworm.]]\\
[[BodyHorror Constantly snaps]] [[TakeThatScrappy assholes' spines.]]\\
[[MsFanservice Is sexy as hell.]]\\
The High Bounty Three.\\
Of the [[TrueCompanions Straw Hat Pirate]] [[BadassCrew Crew.]]\\
They will kick your ass.\\

Mothafucka fell.\\
''Ten thousand feet''- he bumped his\\
'''Head.''' '''''WHAT DO YOU MEAN!?!'''''\\
~Maddoxsort, on Kaido (paraphrasing KOL)

After Totto Land\\
I will now dread Halloween\\
Even more... '''LIFE OR TREAT?'''\\
~Maddoxsort, on Big Mom