Hey, it's a coffin!\\
I wonder what's inside it.\\
[[BolivianArmyEnding To Be Continued...]]
--> On the "Coffin" ending

[[spoiler: The young Akane]] \\
Survived the Nonary Game:\\
--> On the "True" ending

Seven, Santa, June,\\
[[AxCrazy Murdered for Clover's revenge.]]\\
[[spoiler:[[IdiotBall Junpei takes her hand...]]]]
--> On the "Axe" ending

So, [[spoiler: [[{{HandicappedBadass}} Snake]] is alive.]]\\
[[spoiler:Except Clover is now dead.]]\\
[[spoiler:[[KarmicDeath Ace gets his demise.]]]]
--> On the "Safe" ending

At last, we made it!\\
So many mysteries left...\\
[[spoiler:[[ShootTheShaggyDog But, oops! You got knifed!]]]]
--> On the "Knife" ending

Fuck! [[spoiler:[[EverybodysDeadDave Everyone's dead!]]]]\\
But what's that in the water?\\
[[spoiler:[[InTheBack Got knifed in the back!]]]]
--> On the "Submarine" ending

All of this trouble\\
Leading to a [[spoiler:Sudoku]]?\\
[[CrowningMomentOfAwesome Moment of Awesome.]]
--> On the final puzzle and its solution

What are these bracelets?\\
Perhaps they serve some purpose!\\
What a mystery...
--> On the subject of the bracelets