Ninja in orange\\
A demon in his stomach\\
Wants to be leader\\

Blondie prankster kid\\
Shapeshifts into busty girls\\
[[{{Kitsune}} Demon fox]]? [[SarcasmMode Really?]]\\

He was a better villain\\
Than Madara is.\\

Dude with god complex\\
Left Konoha [[spoiler:a crater]]\\
Got owned by a book.\\

[[SpotlightStealingSquad All 'bout Sasuke]],\\
Everywhere Uchihas,\\
- {{@/Zelnor}}

Everyone hates it\\
[[ItsPopularNowItSucks Just because it's popular]]\\
And the [[SpotlightStealingSquad Uchihas]].\\
- {{@/Arutoa}}

Awesome blue shark guy\\
[[spoiler:Died in an anticlimax\\
Got his head chopped off]]\\

All we knew was wrong\\
Kishimoto screwed with us\\
[[spoiler:Kisame still lives]]?\\

Kids were friends/rivals\\
They became [[IncrediblyLamePun best]] [[RivalTurnedEvil enemies]]\\
[[FoeYay Obssesion ensued.]]

First it's really great,\\
Then it sort of does decline,\\
But now getting good?\\
--Psalm of Fire

Kishi breaks aesops\\
Like a bull shatters china\\
I am disappoint.\\
--T. Uzoma\\

Sasuke Uchiha,\\
Last surviving Uchiha\\
my ass, Masashi.\\

Haku looked cuter\\
Without a hole through his chest\\
Thank you, Kakashi\\

People arguing\\
I just point and laugh and say\\
Watch the explosions.\\

Got a bit of a down-grade.\\
Wins two on-screen fights.\\

Main Villian Tobi\\
[[spoiler:Not Uchiha Madara!?!]]\\
[[spoiler:Who the hell ''is'' he!?!]]\\

Ship fans of this work\\
Are obviously begging\\
To be trolled real hard\\

If [[Series/MyNameIsEarl Earl Hickey]] met\\
Sasuke, he'd say, "Boy... Karma's\\
gonna KICK YOUR ASS."\\