Ninja in orange\\
A demon in his stomach\\
Wants to be leader\\

Blondie prankster kid\\
Shapeshifts into busty girls\\
[[{{Kitsune}} Demon fox]]? [[SarcasmMode Really?]]\\

He was a better villain\\
Than Madara is.\\

Dude with god complex\\
Left Konoha [[spoiler:a crater]]\\
Got owned by a book.\\

[[SpotlightStealingSquad All 'bout Sasuke]],\\
Everywhere Uchihas,\\
- {{@/Zelnor}}

Everyone hates it\\
[[ItsPopularNowItSucks Just because it's popular]]\\
And the [[SpotlightStealingSquad Uchihas]].\\
- {{@/Arutoa}}

Awesome blue shark guy\\
[[spoiler:Died in an anticlimax\\
Got his head chopped off]]\\

All we knew was wrong\\
Kishimoto screwed with us\\
[[spoiler:Kisame still lives]]?\\

Kids were friends/rivals\\
They became [[IncrediblyLamePun best]] [[RivalTurnedEvil enemies]]\\
[[FoeYay Obssesion ensued.]]

First it's really great,\\
Then it sort of does decline,\\
But now getting good?\\
--Psalm of Fire

Kishi breaks aesops\\
Like a bull shatters china\\
I am disappoint.\\
--T. Uzoma\\

Sasuke Uchiha,\\
Last surviving Uchiha\\
my ass, Masashi.\\

Haku looked cuter\\
Without a hole through his chest\\
Thank you, Kakashi\\

People arguing\\
I just point and laugh and say\\
Watch the explosions.\\

Got a bit of a down-grade.\\
Wins two on-screen fights.\\

Main Villian Tobi\\
[[spoiler:Not Uchiha Madara!?!]]\\
[[spoiler:Who the hell ''is'' he!?!]]\\

Ship fans of this work\\
Are obviously begging\\
To be trolled real hard\\

If [[Series/MyNameIsEarl Earl Hickey]] met\\
Sasuke, he'd say, "Boy... Karma's\\
gonna KICK YOUR ASS."\\

I'm dismayed that\\
Sakura didn't [[TheDogBitesBack turn]] [[FaceHeelTurn bad]]\\
[[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown And crater Sasuke.]]\\

A Theory About A MissingMom I Like To Call "Hikari Hyuga":

A good twist to pull?\\
Hinata's mother was the\\
''Actual'' target.

A suitor sought war\\
Because Hiashi stole her\\
And said, "I've had it."

So he pulled some strings\\
And made it seem like the Cloud\\
Sought the Byakugan.

He poisoned her\\
Then staged a phony Cloud coup\\
To cover his tracks.

"Who cares if those two\\
Go to war?" [[ForTheEvulz He cruelly jests.]]\\
"They've had it coming."

"History will look\\
Back upon this day and pin\\
The blame elsewhere."

"And I will gaze upon\\
All their ignorant assumptions\\
With a tacit smirk."

"The Cloud ninja\\
I sent is fodder. He'll die.\\
The Cloud will want blood."

"An eye for an eye\\
Will mean the Hyuga's head will\\
Be the recompense."

"This way, I get two\\
For the price of one! Hiashi\\
AND Hikari will fall!"

But the plan backfired:\\
Hizashi just took his place\\

Still, a half-revenge\\
Was better than none at all.\\
He was satisfied.

He played his cards well\\
And none would be the wiser.\\
Best not to risk more.

Hikari had died;\\
Her husband, widowed, bitter--\\
Looked down at his kids

And was reminded.\\
Reminded of what he lost.\\
He took it out on them.

"Perhaps this is better,"\\
The suitor mulls to himself.\\
"Hiashi will live in grief...

"He's sure to give his\\
Family hell as he struggles\\
With the heartbreak."

"May the Hyuga now\\
Lead a cursed existence.\\
Enjoy all my spite."

And thus Hiashi\\
Thinks the conflict is gone...\\
While the suitor gloats

Satisfied because\\
If he couldn't have her, then...\\
No one could... ''NO ONE.''\\