They call us experts. We do\\
this for a living
-->-- Tropers/{{HobbitGuy1420}}

Well, ''there's'' your problem\\
You forgot the copious\\
Amounts of C4!\\

Fish in a barrel\\
Easily killed by pressure\\
Now for Moar Dakka\\

By busting myths, they\\
Reject your [[RealityIsUnrealistic reality]],\\
Substitute their own.\\
-- Tropers/{{Dragonfire8181}}

[[ThoseTwoGuys Jamie and Adam]]\\
Blow up their experiment\\
[[RuleOfCool Just because they can.]]

Five geeks, a dummy,\\
and more C4 than is safe\\
Bust common 'knowledge.'
-->-- Tropers/{{Stealth}}

Are explosions fun?\\
Let's try blowing something up!\\
Result: myth confirmed!

{{Education through|Pyrotechnics}}\\
[[EducationThroughPyrotechnics pyrotechnics]] that are turned\\
{{up to eleven}}.
-->-- Tropers/HiddenWindshield

Grant Imahara\\
Has his own special mantra:\\
"When in doubt, robot."
-->-- Tropers/FusengerShadow

Quite a large "KA-BOOM".\\
"Am I missing an eyebrow?"\\
Yes, Adam, you are.
-->-- Tropers/TwentyTwoSevenths

Adam and Jamie\\
Grant, Kari, and Tory, too\\
They will blow shit up!\\

Five wacky shop nerds\\
Science made really awesome\\
"Jamie wants big boom."
--> -- @/{{Willbyr}}