This great new show has\\
Characters loved by viewers\\
Oh right, he's here, too. \\
-- [[{{Tropers/SAMAS}} SAMAS]]

[[Franchise/SuperMarioBros Mario]] saves Peach,\\
[[JokerImmunity and kills Bowser many times.]]\\
Luigi helps him.\\

-- Contributors/{{Weegee}}

I'd like to thank all\\
of my best closest friends, so \\
Zoidberg, just go home.\\
I trust them, they're a\\
Group of very mature youths\\
Plus that one kid there\\


All right, all of you\\
Amazing, perfect people\\
Oh, and you too, Bill.\\

-- Tropers/RLYoshi

I bought show tickets\\
They are for all of my friends,\\
And, of course, for you.
--> Yugi195