Spam spam spam spam spam\\
spam spam spam spam spam spam spam\\
spam spam eggs and spam.
->-- @/MetaFour

And now for something\\
Completely different from\\
That trite old CatchPhrase.

True innovators\\
Break every rule that they can\\
Wink wink nudge nudge say no more.
-->-- @/HeartBurnKid

I wish to complain\\
That this haiku is no more.\\
It has ceased to be.\\

He's a lumberjack,\\
Sleeps all night and works all day ...\\
Wears high heels and ... ''what??''

''Liberty Bell March,''\\
Halted by a giant foot.\\
Would Sousa approve?
->-- @/TheWhovianZorker

He steals from the poor \\
gives to the rich \\
Stupid bitch
->-- The Pythons Themeselves