Joker, he's our guy\\
Although he can barely walk,\\
He can truly fly
--> -- @/rockstar1009

A Space Op(e)ra\\
by the legend, Bioware.\\
A modern classic.
--> -- @/KainLupus

Kasumi Goto\\
Not the most famous, the best\\
Writer of haikus.
--> -- @/MeanderingRiver

Like dust in the wind\\
Yet still Shepard resists us\\
--> -- @/TrickDirt

Fight like a Krogan?\\
Maybe run like a leopard?\\
Never beat Shepard.
--> -- buri-chan

Commander Shepard\\
Says this is her favourite store\\
On the Citadel
-->-- @/{{Blork}}

Red, blue, maybe green.\\
Honestly, who the hell cares?\\
It's all just the same.

I don't care about\\
Anyone on this damn ship\\
Except Liara.
--> -- @/Blank_Mage

Reaper Harbinger\\
Of the Collectors

Beautiful Tali\\
Trapped behind beautiful mask\\
She will find a way