Mom's an insane shrew\\
Dad's apathetic, mean kids-\\
Dysfunction is right!

Manchild dad, mean mom\\
They're not the boss of them now\\
This family's screwed up.

Don't piss off Lois\\
She's channeling Satan\\
Her wrath knows NO bounds

Hal's kind, but cause he's\\
Inept, wild, and paranoid\\
Lois wears the pants

Francis got kicked out\\
He was a tyrant at home\\
Now, he hates his mom

Piama, his hot wife\\
But so scary to argue with\\
Look out for her fangs

Reese, the delinquent\\
Hell of a mischief schemer\\
Yet a huge BookDumb

Malcolm's a genius\\
But you'll want to strangle him\\
High-and-mighty ass

Dewey, once a tyke\\
Til family life hit him hard\\
Now the OnlySaneMan

Jaime, the fourth child\\
Parents are far too sex-crazed\\
To take precautions

Ida, salty hag\\
Now down a leg and widowed\\
Abrasive woman

Craig, so pathetic\\
A ButtMonkey; Loves Lois... But\\

Most of 'em need to be locked up\\
They're crazy as SHIT