->They're here for us, they're\\
here for us, they're here for us,\\
they're here for us, they're...

->The wheels on the bus\\
[[BrokenRecord Go round and round, round and round]]\\
[[BrokenRecord Round and round, round and...]]

->"It's gone" I whisper.\\
"Gone", in scratches deep "It's gone"\\
Written "Gone, it's gone..."

->I must make flyer.\\
Doh no, what? Wingding, wingding,\\
wingding, wingding... Hah!
-->-- Rica Criscia

->[[VideoGame/EpicMickey Kill the mouse, take his]]\\
[[VideoGame/EpicMickey house.]] [[VideoGame/{{Portal}} The cake is a lie.]] [[AllBlueEntry It's]]\\
[[AllBlueEntry Not out to get me...]]
-->-- Snowsky

->[[VisualNovel/{{Tsukihime}} Chair is an eyesore.]]\\
This chair. Disappear, this chair.\\
This chair, this chair, this...
-->-- buri-chan

->TV Tropes TV\\
Tropes TV Tropes TV Tropes\\
[[{{TVTropesWillRuinYourLife}} MY LIFE IS RUINED]]
-->-- Tropers/RLYoshi

->Calm Calm Calm Calm Calm\\
My Emotions Must Not Show\\
Calm Calm Calm Calm Calm
-->-- Kagemoto

What? I'm not insane!\\
No! No I'm not! No I'm not!\\
I'm perfectly fine!
--> Yugi195