Hosts Henry and June\\
live in a comic book and\\
watch tons of cartoons.\\

In an attempt to\\
teach a caveman to evolve,\\
the alien fails.\\

[[CartoonCreature Ferret... thingies]] named\\
[[TitleDrop Sniz and Fondue]], SliceOfLife\\
show at its finest.\\

Loopy's weird journeys,\\
as told by her big brother,\\
both are [[DerangedAnimation paper dolls.]]\\

Action figure league,\\
try to fight crime but aren't quite\\
willing to do it.

"[[ThemeTune They never stay, never stay small]]\\
[[ThemeTune And The Populars don't like 'em at all]]\\
[[ThemeTune But that's okay, life is sweet]]\\
[[ThemeTune Play cool, they're Off-Beats]]"