'''> Compose Japanese poetry.'''

You proceed to write\\
simple yet elegant words\\
regarding this work.

Due to the constant updating nature of ''Homestuck'', all spoilers are left unmarked.
"Look, a webcomic!\\
[[WhatDoesThisButtonDo What does this [S] thingy mean-]]"\\
[[YourHeadASplode Your mind]] [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome has been blown.]]\\

Four kids play a game.\\
Moments later, they find out\\
[[TheGamePlaysYou the game's playing]] ''[[TheGamePlaysYou them.]]''\\
-[[{{Tropers/JosephStaleknight}} Joseph Staleknight]]

Twelve alien kids,\\
playing a game of high stakes;\\
Welcome to [[LowerDeckEpisode Hivebent]].\\
-[[{{Tropers/JosephStaleknight}} Joseph Staleknight]]

Four children, one game.\\
That sounds simple enough, [[TemptingFate right?]]\\
[[MindScrew Not simple for long.]]\\
-[[{{Tropers/KingZila}} King Zila]]

VideoGame/TheSims [[JustForFun/XMeetsY meets]] Videogame/{{Earthbound}}\\
That's how [[WordOfGod Andrew]] explained it.\\
Better than it sounds.\\
-[[{{Tropers/ReplisMonathin}} Replis Monathin]]

One Troll has gone sane,\\
Trying to kill all the rest.\\
Run from the [=HONKing=].\\
-[[{{Tropers/JKRoo}} JK Roo]]

Shoosh Pap Honk Pap Shoosh\\
Shoosh Honk Honk Pap Shoosh Honk Pap\\
Shoosh Shoosh Honk Pap Shoosh\\
- Geoclasm

Go on, get some sleep\\
Let us be tangle buddies!\\
Never sleep again.\\
- Palhinuk

Disc One had five acts.\\
Disc Two will have two acts more!\\
...If we can find it.\\
-[[{{Tropers/JosephStaleknight}} Joseph Staleknight]]

Hey bro, new update!\\
Terezi found Disc Two! Yay!\\
...It's been scratched, sadly...\\

First it was just John\\
Then the zodiac appeared\\
Try to save your life\\

Once dead, now alive\\
Born from green miles destruction\\
Arisen Anew

Four friends and a game\\
It will be so much fun guys\\
Then we start dying

By Potato4

Twelve trolls and twelve signs\\
It seems so obvious now\\
Trolls: our zodiac

By Rosemarie

This is really dumb\\
Andrew why you gotta mock\\
us so much. it hurts.\\

With future haiku\\
Please don't use any spoiler tags\\
it's a new standard\\

Regarding Homestuck\\
You can be sure of one thing:\\
All puns are plot points\\

An omniscient Doc\\
Who mocks us with his white text\\
gets creamed by Hussie\\

Like really no joke\\
Beats up the narrator\\
Stop trolling us man\\

-Potato 4

End of the Act's here.\\
Time to sit back, relax, and--\\
''DID [[{{Website/Newgrounds}} THE SITE]] JUST CRASH?!''\\

Okay, much better.\\
Mirror's stable, now to watch--\\
[[WhamEpisode Oh]] [[{{HSQ}} holy]] [[OhCrap shit]] [[FlatWhat what]].\\

All that ever was\\
And all that ever will be\\
[[ThatsNoMoon Drifts into the Sun.]]

Brand new universe.\\
Guardians switch out with kids-\\
Guess what [[WhamEpisode happens]] [[BreakTheCutie next.]]\\


Puns, plot points, madness.\\
[[FlatWhat What]] [[KudzuPlot the hell is going on.]]\\
Quirky kids and trolls.\\
Go forth, unnamed child,\\
and fulfill your destiny.\\
[[JigsawPuzzlePlot Everyone's confused.]]\\
Will the journey end\\
in victory or defeat?\\
Only Andrew knows.\\
(Except, not really;\\
he just pulls it out his ass.\\
Goddammit, Andrew.)\\
- Ambey

What is this nonsense\\
Praises surely oversung\\
... [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome HOLY FUCKING SHIT]]\\
- Andreus

Four-thirteen, six-twelve,\\
Ten-twenty-five, and six ones;\\
[[ArcNumber Numbers]] everywhere!\\
- @/JosephStaleknight

E%quisite MindScrew,\\
TimeTravel, [[KudzuPlot weird plot]], and [[ArsonMurderAndJayWalking buckets]].\\
So glubbing awesome.
- Lokie

"It was me and Jake,\\
And we wrestled tenderly"\\
Cool story, Brobot.\\
- salixbabe

We are all obsessed.\\
First we crashed Andrew's website.\\
Then down came Newgrounds.\\
- PyroForge

John, Rose, Dave, and Jade.\\
Played a game called Sburb Beta.\\
Adventure begins.\\
- leppaberry

Though it may seem odd, \\
This comic is addicting. \\
Even though it's long. \\
- @/{{Landorkus}}

Entangled in words. \\
Pictures show epic events. \\
I'm still so confused. \\
- @/{{Silens Vox}}

If you want to know \\
What Homestuck is, read Homestuck. \\
The feeling will pass. \\
- Anonymous

On the Heir's birthday, \\
Mythical heroes ascend. \\
[[WebcomicTime Longest day ever.]] \\
- @/{{Goldenpelt}}

First there's four quadrants, \\
Now there's nine more shipping ways? \\
How far will he go?\\
- @/{{StongRadd}}

Nak nak nak nak nak \\
Nak nakka nakka nak nak \\
Nakka nak nak nak. \\
- [[TheUnintelligible LOHAC Gator]]

What's this webcomic? \\
Three years of material? \\
[[ArchivePanic God fucking dammit.]] \\
- @/{{ch405_5p34r}}

Massive cliffhanger!\\
Indefinite hiatus?\\
Goddammit Hussie!\\
- Palhinuk

Everyone is dead\\
Ascend to God-Tier status\\
Confusing as hell\\
- ironicallyHomestuck

What is this shit?\\
Why is the timeline so weird?\\
Fuck this it's too long.\\
- Togie

Aww, yes, Rosemary!\\
Honestly, Hussie?\\
- StarSong212

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