FYI, this haiku rather efficiently spoils the 3 biggest plot twists of the series:\\

[[spoiler: {{Hate Plague}}s and [[GroundhogDayLoop time loops]]]]\\
[[spoiler: Beware the stoned Takano.]]\\
[[ImTakingHerHomeWithMe Omochikaeri!!!!!!!!!!!]]\\
[[Tropers/MajorTom Major Tom]]

A plot twist haiku sequel to the one above:\\

Mion has a twin\\
[[spoiler: Oyashiro is female]]\\
[[spoiler:Sh]]ion's the killer\\

Murders in the dark.\\
Paranoia covers truth\\
Where cicadas cry.\\
[[Tropers/ReplisMonathin Replis Monathin]]

Ah, Higurashi.\\
With your HolyShitQuotient,\\
Who can sleep at night?\\

Queue BigDamnHero.\\

[[VerbalTic Nano desu yo,]]\\
[[CatchPhrase Nipah,]] [[ImTakingHerHomeWithMe omochikaeri!]]\\
[[VerbalTic Hau hau, hau hau hau!]]\\

So what is real,\\
And what is paranoia?\\
Which will you believe?\\