Behold the wiki,\\
Used to describe many tropes,\\
Which you can edit.

[[GratuitousJapanese Boku no haiku]],\\
It is quite [[NewSpeak doubleplusgood]],\\
But kind of too short.

Haikus are easy,\\
But they don't always make sense,\\

These Japanese poems,\\
Five, seven, then five again,\\
That is a haiku.

There are more rules, like\\
A ''kigo'' to show the time.\\
No one bothers, though.

The Haiku structure\\
Stops one from writing long words,\\
As they do not fit.

Haikus can be hard\\
To write wait I didn't plan\\
This out well oh f*ck.

Now look at this page\\
A haiku about haiku\\
Talk about meta

Syllabic measures?\\
Five - seven - five. Oh my God!\\
Those poems aren't French.

Five Five Five Five Five\\
Then Seven Seven Seven\\
Five Five Five Five Five

What is a haiku?\\
Is it a poem or more?\\
We may never know.

This is a haiku.\\
It will be ending quite soon.\\
The haiku ends now.

This is the first line.\\
And now onto the second.\\
Finally, the third.