Behold the wiki,\\
Used to describe many tropes,\\
Which you can edit.

[[GratuitousJapanese Boku no haiku]],\\
It is quite [[NewSpeak doubleplusgood]],\\
But kind of too short.

Haikus are easy,\\
But they don't always make sense,\\

These Japanese poems,\\
Five, seven, then five again,\\
That is a haiku.

There are more rules, like\\
A ''kigo'' to show the time.\\
No one bothers, though.

The Haiku structure\\
Stops one from writing long words,\\
As they do not fit.

Haikus can be hard\\
To write wait I didn't plan\\
This out well oh f*ck.

Now look at this page\\
A haiku about haiku\\
Talk about meta

Syllabic measures?\\
Five - seven - five. Oh my God!\\
Those poems aren't French.

Five Five Five Five Five\\
Then Seven Seven Seven\\
Five Five Five Five Five

What is a haiku?\\
Is it a poem or more?\\
We may never know.

This is a haiku.\\
It will be ending quite soon.\\
The haiku ends now.

This is the first line.\\
And now onto the second.\\
Finally, the third.

Haiku have three lines\\
and seventeen syllables\\
except when you need (a few more)