This is Philip Fry's\\
[[HumanPopsicle 'Bouts after being frozen\\
For a thousand years.]]\\
-- @/SizzlyBacon

Bender, a robot\\
He has but one simple dream:\\
[[KillerRobot To kill all humans.]]\\

Delivery boy,\\
Former human popsicle,\\
Seeks a hot cyclops.\\

[[CatchPhrase Good news everyone!]]\\
Futurama is back on:\\
Comedy central.\\

A NonSequitur\\
I think is needed here, OK?\\
So, [[MemeticMutation why not Zoidberg?]]\\


Hooray, it is back!\\
Oh, wait, it's cancelled again.\\
Just choose one and stay\\

Attetion, meatbags\\
Bite my shiny metal ass!\\
I'm Bender, baby.\\