The first rule is that\\
you don't talk about Fight Club.\\
[[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment Same for the second.]]

Oops, just broke the rule.\\
Now they're gonna hunt me down\\
in Project Mayhem.

Worker bees can leave\\
even drones can fly away\\
the queen is their slave.

I am Jack's haiku -\\
sharp and bloody words to be\\
told to space monkeys

Warning: Spoilers lie below\\
[[spoiler: Tyler and The Narrator]]\\
[[spoiler: are the same person]]
--> @/KainLupus

What started out as\\
A simple stress reliever\\
Became anarchy.
--> @/TheHeroHartmut

I am fine, Marla\\
You met me at a very\\
Strange time in my life.
--> Tropers/{{Asdfaccount}}