Step out of The Vault\\
Seek adventure in [[AfterTheEnd the Wastes]]\\
[[{{Tagline}} War never changes]]
-->[[{{Tropers/Andyroid}} Andyroid]]

Set the [[EvilFeelsGood world on fire]]\\
Or start [[GoodFeelsGood flames in people's hearts]]\\
It's all up to you.
-->[[{{Tropers/Planet-man}} Planet-man]]

Emerge from the vault\\
Behold a new world growing\\
Evil of the past haunts.

Men in the east lead\\
Culture reborn in the west\\
when shall they meet?

The east has it worst\\
No rain for crops, water bares death\\
NCR farms feed the west

Behold Washington!\\
The forsaken salted earth grey\\
Strangely hard to clean

The world has ended.\\
But humanity lives on\\
Try not to die!

Project Purity\\
Is taken over by the\\
Former Government