Cheerful platformer\\
It's not like they say it is.\\
[[spoiler:It is far, far worse.]]\\

How to get past here:\\
You just press space to evert\\
[[spoiler:And wish you didn't]]\\

It looks so harmless\\
But the farther you go on\\
[[spoiler:Insanity ensues]]\\

Holy Shit Holy\\
Shit Holy Shit Holy Shit\\
Holy Shit HELP ME\\

This isn't too good\\
Just a cheerful Mario clone\\
Why did I get t- [[spoiler:'''''[[HellIsThatNoise SKREEEEEE]]''''']]\\

Eight realities\\
Range from cute to very dark.\\
[[spoiler: Nehema does too.]]

The first three worlds: Safe.\\
World 4?[[spoiler:Where it goes so wrong.]]\\
[[spoiler:The rest? PURE TORTURE!!!]]\\
--Thunderstreak Man

As you continue\\
It's easier to Evert\\
But harder to live\\

Cheerful little game\\
[[CrapsaccharineWorld Gets much darker as you go]]\\
[[LetsPlay/DeceasedCrab STOP YOUR CHEERY LIES!!]]\\

This looks harmless 'nough\\
But as you go through layers\\
You'll discover not\\

It's not as you see it!\\
It's a Forest Maze in here!\\
[[spoiler:Darker, Lighter, both.]]

You either [[spoiler:go and die,]]\\
[[spoiler:Get that girl of your nightmares,]]\\
Or [[spoiler:get X-4'd here.]]\\

Press EVERT to continue.