Each week the three hosts\\
Teach us about ''Manga/DragonBall''.\\
It's Entertaining!\\


Now for Haiku from\\
Episode Seventy Five.\\
The theme is Broly.\\

Broly is crazy.\\
He is quite the maniac.\\

Broly. Taut and greased.\\
Blond legend smashing skulls in.\\
Sing! Stomp-stomp-sludge-sludge.\\

Broly the mad man.\\
All over a crying kid.\\
I blame the parents.\\

Buroly is cool\\
But he will fucking kill you!\\
Watch your fucking ass!\\

Nothing can stop him\\
Not even the most feared thing:\\
Kuririn singing!\\

Broly, oh Broly,\\
We enjoy your crazyness\\
And baby penis.\\
--Magic Jarvis

Hey, you crybaby,\\
Edge your crib closer to mine.\\
Let me punch your throat.\\