She's fighting angels\\
With her hair, guns and sexy.\\
Better than it sounds.

She knows no mercy\\
An exhibitionist witch\\
Endless Stone trophies

She's got a fever\\
There's only one cure, and that\\
Is more dead angels

Two witches confront\\
They were good friends long ago\\
Maybe they still are

If you ever thought\\
"What if [[Franchise/DevilMayCry Dante]] was a girl?"\\
That's Bayonetta
-->--[=Templaillo Ahi=]

Mistress of GunFu,\\
[[UpToEleven Taking it to new levels!]]\\
Two guns? Ha! [[TrickedOutShoes Try FOUR.]]

[[Franchise/DevilMayCry Dante]] turned female.\\
Guns in her hands [[MoreDakka AND her feet]].\\
Don't [[PrecisionFStrike fuck]] with a witch!