->He won't date neither\\
girls nor [[HoYay guys]], and thus you get\\
pretty much this trope.

->He's straight to the guys\\
but he's gay to the ladies.\\
My haiku beats yours :D

->I'm sorry, [[MsFanservice ladies,]]\\
[[ArentYouGoingToRavishMe For not ravishing you all.]]\\
I'm asexual

->Dear gentlemen, I\\
Must decline your offers and\\
[[HoYay The ladies']] as well.

->Those of you who don't\\
Call yourself male or female\\
Aren't for me either

->"Stop! Don't touch me there!\\
That *points* is my private square!"\\
"My body, my rules!"

->"I want to date you."\\
"Sorry, I'm asexual."\\
"That's new and different."

->I'm not interested girls\\
I'm not interested in guys\\
I'm completely uninterested

->Sorry, but I don't\\
Want to copulate with you\\
I'm not into that

->I'm asexual,\\
So I don't want to have sex,\\
But i still love you.

->I like other girls,\\
Just not really in that way,\\
Hugs, kisses, no men!

->I'm afraid I'm not\\
Interested in 'having some fun'\\
So stop asking me!