Serial killer\\
Kicks cute animals for fun\\
And likes the Spice Girls\\
-- [[Tropers/SerenitySquid Serenity Squid]]

He did WHAT you say?\\
Stole cars, beat up little kids,\\
and talks during films!\\
-- Poisonarrow

The BigBad did ''what''?\\
Destroyed the hero's hometown\\
''And'' ate the last chip?\\
-- [[Tropers/HappyDuck Happy Duck]]

Wanted for mauling\\
Livestock, swindling old people,\\
And drinking my tea.\\
--[[{{Tropers/Headbreaker}} Headbreaker]]

This guy killed fifteen\\
Million people and made\\
Me drink some V8.
--[[Tropers/CrazyLuigi Crazy Luigi]]

You're an evil man!\\
You slaughtered fifty sheep and\\
[[MattressTagGag Stole a mattress tag!]]
-- Iceguppie

I confess that I\\
[[KickTheDog kicked your dog,]] wrecked your Wii and\\
Ate your gummy worms.\\
-- [[{{Tropers.Snowsky}} Snowsky]]

I know of that fiend.\\
'Ere [[ChronicBackstabbingDisorder treason]] and genocide,\\
He'd [[MoralEventHorizon badmouth this site]]!\\
-- [[{{Tropers.DragonAtma}} DragonAtma]]

Killed twelve; ate the stiffs,\\
Gave P. E. T. A. anthrax,\\
Can't bowl for his life.\\
--@/SoWeAteThem[[spoiler:'s rap sheet in situ]]

Eats little children,\\
Assaults everyone he meets,\\
Does not like Disney.\\
-- [[{{Tropers.NiqqaSwaq}} NiqqaSwaq]]

Befouls the water,\\
Hoards basic necessities,\\
Smells something awful.\\

Kills others for fun\\
Burns down civilizations\\
Takes a banana
-->-- Dark Elf Princess

He broke my windows,\\
Destroyed my flower garden,\\
And stepped on my lawn.\\
--[[{{Tropers.astrokitty}} astrokitty]]

Evil knows no bounds.\\
It hits wives, smothers puppies,\\
And eats all your snacks.
-->The Dread Gazebo