My name is Rachel.\\
I can't tell you my last name.\\
[[spoiler:I am also dead.]]
->-- [[{{Tropers/CAD}} CAD]]

I once was human.\\
I am now also a hawk.\\
It sucks to be me.
->-- [[Tropers/WanderlustWarrior Wanderlust Warrior]]

My name is Marco.\\
I chose the group name.
->-- [[Tropers/WanderlustWarrior Wanderlust Warrior]]

My name is Cassie.\\
The softie, the talented.\\
[[spoiler: [[KillEmAll The last one alive.]]]]
->-- [[Tropers/WanderlustWarrior Wanderlust Warrior]]

Big Jake, the leader.\\
Too late to save his brother.\\
Controlled by a slug.
->-- Poisonarrow

Warrior cadet.\\
Brother of a fallen prince.\\
You may call me Ax.
->-- Windweaver19

My[[note]]David[[/note]] life is over.\\
I used to have it so good.\\
Now I'm fucking rats.
->-- Werebunny131

Alien attack!\\
Let's morph into a creature\\
And kick some Yeerk butt!
->-- Iceguppie

No Haikus for me?\\
My ''hirac dialect'' rocked!\\
Now go write me one!\\
--Galaga Guru

Teenager transformations.\\
It's only natural to change.\\
Animals fighting space-parasites.
->-- [[{{Tropers/SabrinaDiamond}} Sabrina Diamond]]

'''I AM ''THE'' VISSER.'''\\
->-- [[Tropers/WanderlustWarrior Wanderlust Warrior]]

Teens with a death wish,\\
Can change into animals.\\
Please try not to die.\\
-- Tropers/CountSpatula

The horrors of war?\\
These books are not for children.\\
Enjoy your nightmares!\\
-- Tropers/SylverLining

"In grizzly bear morph?\\
Tall, blonde hair when she demorphed?"\\
"Yeah, her." [[spoiler: "She's dead, Jake."]]\\
-- Tropers/{{Kif}}

A solemn and fierce\\
soldier of the Andalites\\
wants cinnamon buns.\\
-- Tropers/{{Kif}}

Five random children,\\
charged with saving the world. Let's...\\
not and say we did.\\
-- Tropers/{{Kif}}

Intense action scenes...\\
Blood and violence and horror...\\
Do you just hate kids?\\
-- Tropers/{{Kif}}

Flying through space-time.\\
War with a monster being.\\
The Ellimist, me.\\
-- Zacharias Quicksilver

“What’s up, Tobias?”\\
falcon. Hey, a mouse!>\\