Love burns so brightly\\
Almost as bright as her hair\\
Defying nature\\

Simon and Marcy\\
Wander through the empty waste\\
The crown corrupts him\\

With stretchy dog friend\\
Boy protects the Land of Ooo\\
His. Hat. Is. AWESOME!\\
--Dave V. and [[{{Tropers/Quijotesca}} Quijotesca]]

Awesomely hatted\\
This human boy named Finn is\\
It has ear thingies\\
--Person that is too lazy to make an account

Someone's in trouble!\\
Alright, Jake. What time is it?\\
--Kamikaze Korean

Adventure Time, come\\
On grab your friends we go to\\
Very distant lands\\
Jake the dog and Finn\\
The human, the fun never\\
Ends, Adventure Time!\\
--@/RedWren's slight variation on the theme song.

Billy the awesome\\
Slew Ocean Lich and Fire Count\\
He fought a Bear too\\

From Pendleton Ward\\
This Show Is Ridiculous\\
You Will Enjoy It\\

Wise dog Jake once said\\
"Be calmed by my saliva"\\
And soon it was done\\

Finn, [[KidHero boy ]][[NiceHat with a hat]]\\
And his wise, stretchy dog Jake\\
Go on adventures.\\

Princesses captured\\
And Ice King is the culprit\\
Save them Finn and Jake!\\

[[SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic I'm just your problem.]]\\
[[TheWoobie I'm not a person am I?]]\\
[[EarWorm I'm just your problem.]]\\

Finn & Jake, two boys\\
Poor boys, abandoned by time\\
Lord, you forsake them

Daddy, why did you\\
Eat my fries? Well I bought them\\
Yeah, and they were mine\\

Earl of Lemongrab,\\
You really smell like dog buns,\\
But we still love you.

Dear, sour Lemongrab,\\
Y U have so many fans\\
When you're such a jerk?!

The Earl OF NOTHING,\\
Calm your freaking tits down, NOW-\\
You'll make yourself sick!

[[AlasPoorVillain Alas, Poor Villain]],\\
[[spoiler: Simon's destroyed by the crown,\\
But it saved him too.]]

Its Adventure Time\\
Happy and colorful cartoon\\
[[TearJerker Why am I sobbing?]]\\

Room outside of time,\\
Prismo, lonely, makes pickles.\\
He needs a girlfriend.\\

Little Marceline,\\
How lonely she must have been,\\
Without her Simon.\\
-- Completely Different

Brave warrior thief\\
Rides tiger into battle.\\
Resets by willow.

The great land of Ooo\\
Ice, fire, candy, and more!\\
[[FridgeHorror All after a war?]]\\

The end of all life.\\
Aren't you cold, Finn? Aren't you cold?\\
Walk into the well.

A strange, but good, show.\\
What is it about, you ask?\\
[[spoiler: Nuclear disaster...]]
--> The Dread Gazebo