Love burns so brightly\\
Almost as bright as her hair\\
Defying nature\\

With stretchy dog friend\\
Boy protects the Land of Ooo\\
His. Hat. Is. AWESOME!\\
--Dave V. and [[{{Tropers/Quijotesca}} Quijotesca]]

Awesomely hatted\\
This human boy named Finn is\\
It has ear thingies\\
--Person that is too lazy to make an account

Someone's in trouble!\\
Alright, Jake. What time is it?\\
--Kamikaze Korean

Adventure Time, come\\
On grab your friends we go to\\
Very distant lands\\
Jake the dog and Finn\\
The human, the fun never\\
Ends, Adventure Time!\\
--@/RedWren's slight variation on the theme song.

Billy the awesome\\
Slew Ocean Lich and Fire Count\\
He fought a Bear too\\

From Pendleton Ward\\
This Show Is Ridiculous\\
You Will Enjoy It\\

Wise dog Jake once said\\
"Be calmed by my saliva"\\
And soon it was done\\

Finn, [[KidHero boy ]][[NiceHat with a hat]]\\
And his wise, stretchy dog Jake\\
[[CaptainObvious Go on adventures.]]\\

Princesses captured\\
And Ice King is the culprit\\
Save them Finn and Jake!\\

[[SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic I'm just your problem.]]\\
[[TheWoobie I'm not a person am I?]]\\
[[EarWorm I'm just your problem.]]\\

Finn & Jake, two boys\\
Poor boys, abandoned by time\\
Lord, you forsake them

Daddy, why did you\\
Eat my fries? Well I bought them\\
Yeah, and they were mine\\

Earl of Lemongrab,\\
You really smell like dog buns,\\
But we still love you.

Dear, sour Lemongrab,\\
Y U have so many fans\\
When you're such a jerk?!

The Earl OF NOTHING,\\
Calm your freaking tits down, NOW-\\
You'll make yourself sick!

[[AlasPoorVillain Alas, Poor Villain]],\\
[[spoiler: Simon's destroyed by the crown,\\
But it saved him too.]]

Its Adventure Time\\
Happy and colorful cartoon\\
[[TearJerker Why am I sobbing?]]\\

Room outside of time,\\
Prismo, lonely, makes pickles.\\
He needs a girlfriend.\\

Little Marceline,\\
How lonely she must have been,\\
Without her Simon.\\
-- Completely Different

Brave warrior thief\\
Rides tiger into battle.\\
Resets by willow.

The great land of Ooo\\
Ice, fire, candy, and more!\\
[[FridgeHorror All after a war?]]\\

The end of all life.\\
Aren't you cold, Finn? Aren't you cold?\\
Walk into the well.