Gush about your favourite Vocaloids, their songs and producers making those songs here.

* Awesome, almost magical technology combined with creative power of many talented people? That is Vocaloid. The whole list of reasons for why I consider it the most wonderful thing in the world is too long, but I can list the main ones. First, there are more and more characters/voices coming out with every year, ranging from cute and cartoonish to mature, all of them undeniably beautiful when used right. Second, with so many people (called "Producers") using the engine, you get amazing genre range: [[VirtualCelebrity Hatsune Miku]] alone have already "sang" everything from beautiful ballads, fantasy epics, nonsensical and funny poems to really [[TearJerker tear-summoning]] and sometimes even purely [[NightmareFuel horror-inducing]] songs. Vocaloid taught me to respect all kinds of music because of it's sheer diversity. And it got me so interested in Japanese that I decided to learn it to better understand the songs. Vocaloid is the BEST man-made thing I have ever encountered in my life.


[[folder: Producers ]]

* {{Mothy}} aka Akuno-P. His "Daughter of Evil" became the beginning of the very complex and breathtaking saga called "The Evillious Chronicles". He is the master of [[TearJerker tear-evoking]], occasionally adding some NightmareFuel. His skill at storytelling is also incredible. Can you take a bunch of seemingly unrelated stories and tie them with each other so convincingly? He can, and he does. Can you give a new breath to the good, old trope like SevenDeadlySins? He can, and he does. Can you write books based on a series of songs? He can, and... [[OverlyLongGag well, you get my point]].
* Nijihara Peperon aka Peperon-P. If only every producer used Vocaloid so adeptly... Whether you love ultra-realistic vocals, amazing melodies, or great style diversity, you will agree with one statement: you can't NOT love his/her songs.
* Just about everything by 40mP. Almost all of his works are full of adorable fluffy goodness and are all but guaranteed to instill in you a love of life. Really, despite the misgivings some people have about the upbeat pop and/or ballad genre, 40mP really gives all of his works wonderful tone and atmosphere that you can't help but just feel ''happy''. Not to mention that he sometimes collaborates with his wife, Chano, to make the most adorable songs ever.
* You listen to some deep, meaningful song. The music is gorgeous, lyrics capture your heart... then, without any warning, techno-soundtrack kicks in! Lyrics are suddenly about a Voodoo game show, or a girl who shoots death rays from mishandled eye lenses! This is how Utata-P (also known as t.Komine) makes songs. And believe, they are awesome! First of his biggest hits, "This is Happiness and Peace of Mind Committee", is both catchy and creepy; it really feels like Miku is trying to force happiness into you. The sequel of "Committee", "Hop! Step! Instant Death", holds the mark, only with much more "creepy". And tell me, tropers... are you happy? [[HappinessIsMandatory It's your duty!~]]