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!!!''Webcomic/GirlGenius'' provides examples of the following tropes:


* UnderestimatingBadassery: Just because a woman is crying doesn't mean she can't [[ do her job.]] Then just a few pages later, same woman, [[ same mistake.]]
* {{Understatement}}: Vanamonde [[ pulls out a great one:]]
-->'''Vanamonde:''' Um -- I wonder if growing up here might make us a little... ''weird''...
* UndyingLoyalty:
** All Jägers seem to have it for the Heterodynes. [[ The Jägergenerals explain this loyalty best]]. Vole is the exception, having stopped considering himself a Jäger.
** Castle Heterodyne is exactly what you'd expect when a series of mad scientists who live ForTheEvulz design an artificial sentience -- it is a self-aware house of horrors on a staggering scale. But it works ''exactly'' the way it was designed to, and that means undying loyalty to the Heterodyne.
** Mechanicsburg is full of descendants of the horde of brigands and cutthroats who were loyal to the ancient Heterodynes. It's InTheBlood. This could probably be attributed as the power base of the Heterodyne family: while other sparks usually have their creations [[TurnedAgainstTheirMasters turn on them]] or require some manner of free will-stripping mind control, Heterodynes ''earn'' their minions' and creations' loyalty. That, and the aforementioned natural propensity to minionism.
** In the novelization, it's revealed that Dr. Vapnoople's creations, [[spoiler:except for Krosp]], were destroyed because their loyalty couldn't be shifted to the Baron. [[spoiler:Krosp didn't only because he was able to escape.]]
* UnfamiliarCeiling: When Gil wakes up in Mama Gkika's, he assumes he's been out of action for days when it's only been a few hours.
* UnfazedEveryman: Von Zinzer. Also the OnlySaneMan.
* UnreliableExpositor:
** Klaus encoded a message to his son in a story he tricked Phil into delivering. Although we only see the tail end of Phil's version, it's clearly different, and judging by Gil's reaction he screwed up most of the symbolism (that is, ''the entirety of the message'') too. Luckily, Tarvek notices something is up.
** Very nearly every story anyone tells about the Heterodynes. On purpose by someone, since they're all published and almost everyone who has books seems to have at least some of them.
* UnresolvedSexualTension: [[ Jeez, Agatha, just make out with Gil already...]]
* UnsoundEffect:
** ''[[ Spork! Spork! Spork!]]''
** ''[[ Mite! Mite! Mite!]]''
** ''[[ Tome!]]'' (Notice also the title of the book...)
** ''[[ Shove!]]''
** '''[+[[ DOOOM]]+]'''
** Subtle, but [[ when the Jägers are clapping]], the sound effect is in the Jägers' accent. This one comes up a handful of times throughout the series. Just about every time a sound effect shows up for one of the Jägers it's in their accent.
* UnstoppableRage: [[ The Unstoppable Higgs]], of course.
* UnusualEuphemism:
** "Useless Inferior Coprolitic Components!" -- '''Professor Mezzasalma''' (Coprolitic, literally meaning fossilised dung, therefore an ancient piece of shit.)
** "I am sure he intends to wed her ''most vigorously''!"
** [[FunetikAksent Alternatively spelled]] either [[ "Gott's little feesh in trousers!"]] or [[ "Gott's leedle feesh in trousers!"]]
* UnusuallyUninterestingSight: "Why do I even ''have'' [[HappyFunBall one of those]]?" "[[ I wondered where that went on Tuesdays."]]
%% * UnwillingSuspension
* UpToEleven: The "Movit" series of stimulants comes in a verity of intensities, the strongest of which appears to be 11. Previously, it was thought that the strongest was 6, which itself is one above the common 1-5 scale. As one might imagine, the further up the scale, the more one blurs the line between "powerful stimulant" and "lethal injection." That section of the story is even called "Zola Goes up to Eleven".
-->'''[[ Tarvek:]]''' Wait-- I thought it only went up to six!

* VetinariJobSecurity: Hilariously deconstructed with Baron Wulfenbach. He completely fits the description in that he is so important and necessary for the continued functioning of Europa that only a madman would think about overthrowing him. Unfortunately, this being ''Girl Genius'', there are powerful madmen (a.k.a. Sparks) everywhere, which is why there is nearly always a rebellion somewhere. Further illustrated in that, as soon as he is hospitalized [[spoiler:(and possibly killed)]], the whole continent immediately erupts in chaos. And then [[spoiler:he time-freezes himself inside Mechanicsburg, and everything goes even further to hell.]]
* VictoriasSecretCompartment: The Other does this, as fits her personality (but not Agatha's, providing a minor bit of hilarity).
* VillainousBreakdown: Dr. Merlot wasn't exactly the most sane individual in Volume 1. His [[ little story]] in Volume 9 seems to indicate that he might be having some difficulties.
* VillainHasAPoint: Othar is unquestionably one of the villains of the story, but he really isn't wrong when he claims everything bad about the world can be blamed on the Sparks. Just about every other Spark we've seen has been a homicidal lunatic, and it's open fact that all of the monsters and chaos in the setting are Spark experiments that have either GoneHorriblyWrong or GoneHorriblyRight. Treating humans as experiment components (or targets) is as natural to a Spark as breathing. Even our heroes have been shown having SkewedPriorities at ''best''.
* VisibleSilence: Appears often, but then [[ four times in a row]].
* VisualPun:
** Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you... [[ Santa Klaus]]. Doubles as BadassSanta also!
** In [[ "More of That Kissing Stuff"]], Agatha and Tarvek are... [[spoiler:making Sparks!]]
** Mechanicsburg's gate is under attack by a [[ battering ram.]]
** You really should try to [[ look a gift horse in the mouth]] if it specifically won't ''let'' you look. [[ Especially when it's not a horse]].
** What does Agatha do when there is an enemy to fight and the only stuff available are rail tracks? She invents a [[ rail-gun]]!
* VitriolicBestBuds: Gil and Tarvek. At each other's throats one minute, talking shop on espionage the next.
* VolleyingInsults: Gil and Tarvek, during their brawls and in the Cinderella story.
* TheWallsAreClosingIn: [[ Had to happen eventually.]]

* WasntThatFun: Occurs [[ after Agatha, Gil, and Tarvek try revivification.]]
* WaveMotionGun:
** Agatha's little three-corkscrew death ray pretty much annihilates whatever it's shot at. The Castle really doesn't like it for obvious reasons.
** [[ Wave Motion Swan]]. A noblewoman's swan-shaped party sleigh packing a Wave Motion gun. Only in ''Girl Genius''...
--->'''Ishtvan:''' that...\\
'''Tweedle:''' ''[face in his hands]'' Grandmother's old party sleigh. Yes.\\
'''Ishtvan:''' Could it ''always'' do that?\\
'''Tweedle:''' How should ''I'' know? Knowing my grandmother's [[NoodleIncident parties]], ''probably''.
* WeaponTombstone: [[spoiler:Agatha Clay]]'s [[ grave]] has the remnants of a [[HumongousMecha warbot]], a tree, and a pile of rocks with a death ray stuck in it.
* WeaselMascot: The Wulfenbach Bug Squad (aka the Vespiary Squad) of course! Apart from their uniform's NiceHat of a slaver-wasp skull, ''this'' is their main hat. Their charges are all [[WeirdScience modified weasels]], without which the Squad could not do their job as wasp detectors and exterminators. Although they have eight legs, they ''are'' still, very much, weasels of some description (however big they get). And, they are sooo cute (for a given definition of cute).
* WebcomicTime: Agatha has been trying to get into and/or repair Castle Heterodyne for at least two years now. Tarvek was critically ill and about to die for just short of 15 months. [[ The general concept]] is [[LampshadeHanging lampshaded]] once. And again: [[ "It only seem like deyz been in de kestle a long time!"]]
** Agatha first went into the Castle on [[ Feb 08, 2008.]] She ''left'' the Castle on [[ Nov 02, 2011.]] Three years, eight months, twenty-six days, and approximately 582 comics.
** This leads to interesting situations such as [[spoiler:Higgs and Zeetha falling in love [[ over what should be a single day]]]].
* WeirdScience: Rules the Earth.
* WellIntentionedExtremist:
** Baron Klaus Wulfenbach, [[ as exposed]] [[ with his backstory]].
** [[ The reason why]] Othar Tryggvassen wants to kill all Sparks.
* WeMeetAgain: It shouldn't come too much as a surprise that [[LargeHam Othar]] would say it.
-->'''Othar:''' [[ Wulfenbach! We meet again!]]
* WeNeedADistraction: [[ Gil and Tarvek help,]] in a [[ fight scene]] incorporating [[IAmNotLeftHanded many]] [[FlashStep battle]] [[NoIAmBehindYou tropes]].
* WhamEpisode:
** Zeetha!!
** [[spoiler:Gil has been infected with a slaver wasp ''since his in-backstory trip to Paris''.]] [[UnreliableExpositor Maybe.]]
** The revelation of [[spoiler:what happened to Mechanicsburg after Klaus activated his bomb. In a nutshell, the bomb enclosed Mechanicsburg in a shield that [[TimeCrash ground time in Mechanisburg to a halt]], meaning that while it's still the same day to Klaus, the Jaeger Generals, and everyone else still trapped in Mechanisburg, ''two years'' have passed outside. With Klaus stuck in Mechanicsburg, the Empire has collapsed, and what little is left of their authority is being controlled by Gil, who has suffered ''severe'' SanitySlippage.]]
** If the December 27, 2013 update is anything to go by, [[spoiler:Klaus has somehow ''possessed'' his son]].
* WhamLine:
** "Yes... but I vas starting to ''like'' her." Also pulling double duty as a PreAsskickingOneLiner.
** [[ Violetta, in the last panel. The whole last row, really]]. We knew it all along, but the lady in the chair didn't.
** [[spoiler:[[ "Just go to sleep."]]]]
** [[ "WRONG!"]]
** "You were infected before you even ''met'' her."
** "I AM the Storm King."
** [[spoiler:[[ "We thought you were lost! Like everyone in Mechanicsburg!]]]]
** "All right, out with it. We've lost what, six months?" [[spoiler: "Two and a half years."]]
** "Martellus, there is no empire."
** The comic even manages to include a Wham Line [[ that we can't read.]]
** "The girl is still dangerous, and my son is still too much of a fool to see it." The wham part? It came from the mouth of [[spoiler:'''Gilgamesh Wulfenbach''']].
** "And they used to be men. Sometimes even ''they'' forget ''that.''" [[spoiler: This is Higgs' response to Gil when the latter asks the former what he knows about the Jägers.]]
* WhatAreYouInFor:
** When our heroes [[ come across Mr. Foglio in the dungeons of Prince Aaronev]]:
--->'''Maxim:''' Vot hyu in for?\\
'''Foglio:''' Bad storytelling.\\
'''Maxim:''' Ho! How hyu do ''dot''?\\
'''Foglio:''' You put the ''Prince'' in the story.
** Sanaa [[ asked Agatha this]] when she first entered the castle.
%%* WhatDoesSheSeeInHim
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse:
** The monster horse that appeared during Master Payne's Circus story: we never know why it was/turned into such a hideous abomination, and it was never addressed again. Likely just because a spark felt like it, and because monsters are so common in this setting that it is a mundane hazard.
** A little earlier we have Zulenna, she gives her life to save Agatha and the others, gets put in a healing chamber and seems to set up a plot point about Klaus getting grief from the Fifty Families about resurrecting one of their number.
** The Baron cloned Olga's body[[spoiler:, assuming her to be the believed-dead Agatha]]. Nothing on what happened to the new body.
* WhatTheHellHero: [[ "TRULY YOU ARE YOUR MOTHER'S CHILD!"]] More understandable than some, since the one calling Agatha out [[spoiler:murdered her parental figures in cold blood,]] but everyone Von Pinn worked with considers her tough but fair, and likes her. And she is the closest thing Gil had to a mother. Agatha's response is a heck of a lot of guilt.
* WhenIWasYourAge: Zeetha says this [[ after a day of rough training for Agatha]].
* WhoDares: [[ The Dragon of Mars]]
* WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes:
** Gil and Agatha take turns saving Zola from dozens of incredibly deadly traps that she keeps falling into in Castle Heterodyne. That is, [[ until they encounter a slightly-larger-than-average spider.]]
** Tarvek has [[ another common phobia.]]
* WhyDontYaJustShootHim:
** When [[spoiler:Zola]] leaves Tarvek and Lucrezia to die in a lab explosion.
--->'''Tarvek:''' She has that big gun -- why didn't she shoot us first?\\
'''Lucrezia:''' Well, it only shoots marshmallows, for one thing...
** And a case with the henchmen pointing out the flaw... and the BondVillainStupidity exploding in the bad guy's face in record time:
--->'''Assassin:''' Highness, don't talk to him! Just let us kill them!\\
'''Leopold:''' Tch, Plenty of time for that, [[KilledMidSentence my -drgl]]
** {{Defied|Trope}} [[ by the Baron]], who doesn't bother with the kids but simply uses knock-out gas on them.
* WhyThankYouX: Agatha emerges from one of her sleepwalking-creating states to find herself putting the finishing touches on a mechanism, with somebody off-panel handing her tools on command. [[ She turns to see who it is, and...]]
* WhyWontYouDie: [[spoiler:Zola]] quickly learns that [[spoiler:Higgs]] is [[ very hard to kill.]]
* WillTheyOrWontThey: Gil and Agatha, most frequently impeded by [[PoorCommunicationKills terrible miscommunication]] and Gil's bad luck and Castle Heterodyne. It's sure looking like [[ they will...]]
* WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity:
** The Sparks, by definition; Baron Wulfenbach fights this off by pure force of will... ''usually''. Every ''successful'' Spark has at least one very level-headed keeper.
** The Heterodyne family in particular. Apparently their unearthly strength and stamina comes from drinking from a spring famed for causing ''insanity and death'' in people who just ''bathed'' in it.
** It's implied that the reason the Storm King was regarded as the greatest king of all time is because he was able to keep enough self-control to rule effectively. This may have been at least partially due to the influence of the Muses.
* WithThisHerring: [[ How the castle wants Agatha to fix it]], at least initially.
* TheWorfEffect: In addition to character-specific instances, there are Martellus's sparkhounds. They're played up for how scary they are, but so far we've seen them being slaughtered en masse by Gil and his entourage (which, mind you, does include a northern frost wyrm), and later a lone jägermonster killed six of them before going down.
* WorldOfBadass: Show us a character who's ''not'' {{Badass}}, and within a couple of strips they'll either turn out to be badass or they'll be dead. In a world ruled by mad scientists, even the minions and staff have to be pretty tough to avoid getting killed.
* WorldOfBuxom: Just about every post-puberty female character, notably Agatha, Zeetha, the Geisterdamen and Mama Gkika. [[RidiculouslyHumanRobots The Muses]] and Clank Anevka have pretty darned voluptuous figures, too. The few exceptions are Rivet, WrenchWench for Master Payne's Circus; Daiyu, doctor Sun's daughter (who would be decent-sized in any other work); Grantz, the immensely strong monster hunter (who falls firmly into the {{Bifauxnen}} slot); and [[ Miss Baumhund]], the lanky grad student (who has only appeared in that one strip -- so far), who seems a bit out of place when compared to other female characters. Lieutenant Krishnamurti and Xersephnia, Martellus' sister, are somewhat below average too.
* WorldOfHam: Naturally. The [[ScienceRelatedMemeticDisorder Spark]] package comes with a side order of ham.
* WorryingForTheWrongReason: The scary part about [[ being trapped in a room full of broken machinery within an insane castle]] is not that the castle will kill you if you're unable to fix it, but that ''[[MadScientist Gil's interest has been piqued]]''.
* WorstWhateverEver: Gil, [[ after falling victim]] to the ExplodingCloset.
-->'''Gil:''' That's the ''worst'' filing system I've ''ever seen''.
* WorthIt:
** This is Agatha's attitude in the ''Cinderella'' play to being grounded. Of course, she was grounded after tricking Mamma Gkika's "EvilStepmother" into putting her fist through a hive of specially-bred quilting bees.
** And in a more serious tone, Klaus's [[ attitude]] to the pain he suffered getting to the window and back. Not only that, Klaus actually said that if the experience paralyzed him for the rest of his life, it would still be worth it after seeing his son pull off that moment of awesome.
* WouldHitAGirl: Pretty much everyone, since there are more than enough dangerous females to dispatch anyone reluctant to fight back. Some notable examples:
** Ardsley Wooster punching Bangladesh [=DuPree=] [[ in the face]].
** [[spoiler:Airman Higgs]] beating the crap out of Zola.
** [[spoiler:Tarvek]] absolutely losing it when Zola tries to kill Agatha again and brutally beating her [[spoiler:-- and then trying to strangle her to death]].
** [[spoiler: Gil]] [[ judo-throwing Bang]] when she tries to take him into custody.
** However, it's still recommended that this trope not be followed if it isn't necessary. [[ Some may take issue]] with it being applied without restriction.
* WouldNotShootACivilian: Sergeant Nak's [[ advice]]:
-->'''Nak:''' Do ''not'' hit the crowd, or I'll ''eat your ears!''
* WoundedGazelleGambit: [[ Tarvek pulls one off.]]
* WrenchWench: Agatha just [[ loves]] [[ wrenches]]...
* WrenchWhack: And, naturally, they're used as melee weapons quite often.
** Agatha, against [[ Moloch,]] [[ Vole,]] and [[ Prof. Tiktoffen]].
** Gil, against [[ Othar.]]
** In the [[ flashback]], Airman Higgs is shown DualWielding two wrenches.
* WrittenSoundEffect: Frequently, and often quite creative.
* WrongGenreSavvy:
** Othar Tryggvassen, GENTLEMAN ADVENTURER, shows this a lot.
** Krosp too, sometimes. [[ Silly kitty, thinking you're in real life or something.]] Too practical for his own good, he doesn't quite realize his life is a Heterodyne story now.

* XanatosSpeedChess:
** [[ Tarvek gives Anevka a beautiful demonstration.]]
--->'''Tarvek:''' I can't say ''any'' of this mess was part of my original plan, but it's all working out so ''beautifully'', I can't complain.
** It seems like just about every Spark is playing this whenever they're in the comic, quickly leading to GambitPileup.
* XDaysSince:
** There's a sign [[ counting the days without a major explosion]] on ''Castle Wulfenbach''.
** There's one [[ counting the days since the last hideous death.]] Considering the Castle's nature, this may be a way of keeping score. (Although, the sign might not be accurate any more, since the guy whose job it was to update it died a hideous death.)

* {{Yandere}}: Fraulein Snaug is getting a bit too enthusiastic about [[MinionShipping her crush on]] [[ActionSurvivor Moloch]], responding with [[ surprising aggression]] when he admitted [[AllLoveIsUnrequited his crush on Sanaa.]] Good thing [[McNinja Violetta]] clarified that [[HeIsNotMyBoyfriend she wasn't involved with him.]] Even her [[ reaction]] when she finds out she might have at least as much a chance with him as Sanaa does suggests she equates love with killing.
* YouAreInCommandNow: Dimo is pressed into service as a General, because he's the resident "schmot guy" (and because all of the other Generals are unavailable).
* YouCantFightFate: Brought up early on by, of all people, Bangladesh [=DuPree=] with regards to the visions seen from the electric phenomena, which appear to be portals/visions from the future.
* YouExclamation: Klaus' [[ reaction]] to Zeetha.
* YouFightLikeACow: "[[ You fight like ducks!]]"
* YouHaveFailedMe / [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness Outlived Your Usefulness]]:
** Lucrezia in her escape from Sturmhalten [[spoiler:abruptly wraps up Lady Vrin as a loose end]].
** Surprisingly, [[spoiler:Agatha to Castle Heterodyne]].
* YouKilledMyFather: The reason why Agatha is ''not'' too keen on accepting [[spoiler:Von Pinn's]] help.
* YourApprovalFillsMeWithShame:
** [[ Gil's expression says it all]].
** [[ The castle would prefer Agatha use an alternative word to ''good'' to praise its actions.]]
** "De''light''fully done, my lady. Your enemy is thoroughly ''[[ crushed]]''. You ''are'' a ''true Heterodyne''."
** A variant when [[ Klaus asks Bangladesh DuPree]] if she isn't worried he's actually The Other, as accused.
--->'''Bang:''' You're always telling me "Oh DuPree, don't torture people," or "Don't burn any towns," or whatever. And if you were the Other, I'd be a revenant, and I'd ''have'' to obey you. Even if a town really ''needed'' burning, y'know? But I can still act on my better judgment, so I know everything's okay!\\
'''Klaus:''' And here I was foolishly hoping for an argument that would ''reassure'' the troops.
* YourFavorite: Wooster knows how Gil likes his tea.
* YourMom: [[ "Ah-go kees an hoctopus. Oh vait, hyu mama already deed!"]]
* YoungLoveVersusOldHate: Our heros are trying to break the cycle of destruction.
* YouShallNotPass: Zulenna [[ against Von Pinn]]. She actually succeeds until [=DuPree=] arrives.
* YouWouldntLikeMeWhenImAngry: Klaus Wulfenbach's [[ official domestic policy]] is ''"Don't make me come over there"''.

* ZeppelinsFromAnotherWorld: Lots. Predominantly used by the Baron; he has his entire command center in Castle Wulfenbach, a zeppelin of truly Brobdingnagian size, equipped with numerous labs, docking bays for several smaller craft ("smaller" as in "regular-sized airships"), and penthouse-like living quarters on top of the hull. It comes with an entire support fleet, and several other of the Baron's troop units are zeppelin-based. Which is of course very practical if someone makes the Baron ''"[[YouWouldntLikeMeWhenImAngry come over there]]"''.
* ZergRush: The Castle Heterodyne's defenses seem to comprise mainly of [[ unleashing every clank and construct abomination in its bowels at an aggressor]].
* ZombieApocalypse: Not "really" zombies[[labelnote:*]]although actually they're very much like "traditional" zombies, in the sense of drugged slaves[[/labelnote]], but the Other did create an auto-recruiting army of [[OurZombiesAreDifferent mindless, malicious, shambling, ''incurable'' Revenants under her complete control.]] Putting them down was the greatest challenge of Klaus' emperor-ing career. [[spoiler:It was recently discovered that those revenants were just a few percent of the infected, and the rest [[TheyLookLikeUsNow look and act like any other person]], even though they're mind-slaves to the Other. Tarvek said that the "zombie-like" Revenants were an unforeseen and rare exception, and helped to hide the nature of more numerous non-shambler Revenants.]]