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!!!''Webcomic/GirlGenius'' provides examples of the following tropes:


* ThePardon: Suggested to Agatha as a way to get the prisoners on her side.
* PardonMyKlingon: When Klaus meets Zeetha.
* ParentalHypocrisy: The moment when Gilgamesh [[ jumps in to play corrida]] with what amounts to a small locomotive with legs and arms, giving his father time to analyze its structure. [[ Klaus roars]] at him for taking an unnecessary risk, but Jägermonsters eagerly express approval when they see a {{Badass}} performance, so right at the next page a Jäger sergeant quietly tells Gil that Klaus himself "doz crazy schtupid sctoff like dot all de time." Of course, as they both are mad scientists with [[ChronicHeroSyndrome chronic anti-hero syndrome]], it wasn't likely to be the craziest for either.
* ParrotPetPosition: Agatha's little clank, sometimes -- [[ and not necessarily when she wants it to]].
* PassThePopcorn
** Boris and Gil are having tea and pretzels while [[ sending a Jäger to test out a rogue clank]].
--->'''Boris:''' You see, Herr Baron. Entertaining, but harmless.
** Snaug enjoys [[ watching Gil and Tarvek fight.]] Where did she get popcorn deep below Castle Heterodyne, you may ask? [[RuleOfFunny Who cares?]]
** [[ And later]], so does Zeetha: "''AGATHA!'' You're missing the show."
* ThePatientHasLeftTheBuilding: Klaus Wulfenbach [[ makes his escape in style]]: on a giant mecha while ''still'' in a hospital bed and surrounded by two nurses, [[ to the exasperation of Dr. Sun]].
* PeopleJars: Dr. Beetle in Beetleburg put criminals into giant glass jars to perish.
** Gil is temporarily trapped in one of these in the aptly named chapter, "Hero in a Jar"
* PetTheDog
** The Baron stops in the middle of chasing Agatha just to make sure Zulenna gets revived ([=DuPree=] stabbed her when she was defending Agatha). When questioned, he bluntly states that it was his fault, and that the girl didn't deserve to die. He has several other moments like this, to demonstrate that even though he's a major antagonist, he is still a good man.
** Lucrezia does ''seem'' rather fond of her nephew [=DuMedd=]... [[ at first]].
** [[PsychoForHire Bangladesh DuPree]] was apparently ''devastated'' once the Baron was presumed killed at the hospital seeing as the mere memory causes her to [[ burst into tears]].
* PhlebotinumOverload
** [[spoiler:After Agatha drinks from the Dyne (when Higgs offers a cup of "water" to her.) She stops it before she explodes, however, by channeling the extra energy into the dying Gil and Tarvek, revitalizing them in the process.]]
** After [[spoiler:Zola]] downs a vial of Movit#11, which is basically a supercharged energy drink, Violetta's solution to stop the rampage is to inject her with ''more'' Movit#11, which will apparently lead to a complete nervous collapse (or possibly cause her to ''[[IncendiaryExponent combust]]'').
* PictorialSpeechBubble: [[ DuPree with a broken jaw uses them.]]
* PieInTheFace: The [[ Calming]] [[ Pies]].
* PimpedOutDress: A number show up, for various reasons.
* PinkElephants: Some drinks are so potent the drinkers see flying pink mimmoths.
* PlanetOfHats: Somewhat. The Jägermonsters' hat is not only the prominence of literal hats, it's also that these hats are to them as a sword is to a samurai.
* PlayboyBunny: During the [[ Weasel Queen]] {{omake}}, Zeetha and Agatha evoke this trope with their [[FormFittingWardrobe "rabbit costumes".]]
* PlotArmor: While named characters do die, it's still a rare occurrence, compared to the casualty rate of the {{Mook}}s. To show that this is not due to the characters following the WhatMeasureIsAMook trope, they often try but fail to kill their significant enemies. It's become a minor RunningGag for characters to complain their gun pulls to the left just after they only wounded their opponent with it.
* PoisonAndCureGambit: Given a MadScientist [[ twist]] -- [[spoiler:the man who administered the poison ''is'' the cure, and it only works if he's alive, so Agatha needs to stay close and keep him safe. [[UnderestimatingBadassery Until she subverts it with a substitute]].]]
* PolitenessJudo: Getting Moloch to help in the kitchen.
* PoorCommunicationKills: Subverted in some cases, played straight in others.
** [[spoiler:Agatha's possession by the Other]] is set up as a big secret that could cause all sorts of problems, but Zeetha goes out of her way to mention it to Gil at the very first opportunity. However, Klaus is ''not'' aware of the true situation, and is unlikely to be willing to talk about it [[spoiler:now that he's been wasped, and knows that talking would allow her to control him]].
** Subverted again, and significantly, [[ here.]] Dimo has just informed the Jägergenerals and Klaus's leadership about the situation, which will presumably reach Klaus's ears presently. Whether they ''believe'' him remains to be seen.
* PoweredArmor: The fighting-augmentation exoskeleton, an exoskeleton that speeds up and amplifies Agatha’s movements as well as responds to attacks.
* PowerHigh: When Agatha is subjected to the effect of [[SuperSerum Dyne water]] plus electroshock for the first time and [[ feels godlike]]. [[ Later]] the Castle implies it's a ''normal'' reaction:
-->'''Agatha:''' I believe another forty-five point three seconds, and I would have exploded or something. [...] Oh, yeah... I have ''got'' to try that again!
* PowerLimiter: The Heterodyne locket Barry gives Agatha is meant to subdue her sparkyness. She eventually outgrows this, and the locket has found a new use in keeping the Other contained.
* ThePowerOfLove: A minor case -- at one point when Agatha [[spoiler:is under the control of the Other, it becomes obvious that Gil will die without her help. So Agatha shrugs off the possession long enough to get the locket (mentioned above) on.]]
* PowerPerversionPotential
** "D'Omas' taste in women was, well... Let's just say it was lucky for him [[RoboticSpouse he could build his own]]."
** Castle Heterodyne is full of restraints.
** [[ His and hers.]]
** "[[ Look, I'm a girl with needs.... They have tool belts?]]" (From the Mad Scientist version of ''Cinderella''.)
** Lucrezia seems well aware of the [[ possibilities]] inherent in her [[spoiler:mind control devices.]]
** Back on Sparks in general, Sparks, especially in places like Mechanicsburg, can practically take over someone's mind with their '''voice''' and not a lot else (strong-willed humans can resist it, but some people are just "natural minions".) Easy access to minions, the uses of the control voice, and the "tools" a Spark can make....
* PowerTrio: Maxim, Oggie, and Dimo, [[FanNickname colloquially known as]] "[[TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}} Da Boyz]]".
* PowerWalk: Jägermonsters pull one [[ here]]. Subverted slightly since most of them are already inside the city and the walk is just to fool enemies.
* PrimalScene: Possibly parodied in the novelization, where we learn that the young Agatha was deeply traumatized when she walked in on her adoptive parents recharging each other with generators.
* ProjectileToast: DeathRay toast, anyway...
-->'''Gil:''' It looks like a toaster.\\
'''Agatha:''' ... well, it ''is'' a toaster. Sort of.\\
'''Gil:''' Sort of?\\
'''Agatha:''' Oh yes. It could toast the ''whole town''.
* ProudWarriorRaceGuy: The Jägers in general, with varying degrees of "proud" and "warrior" for individuals. For example, when Boris [[ beats the crap out of a Jäger messenger]] to find out where the generals were meeting, their response was surprise and respect, saying that he'd "earned" the right to talk with them. Also, they take their oath of loyalty ''very'' seriously. General Goomblast even explains that the reason the Jägers '''hate''' the Other's bugs is that they force people to obey.
* PsychoSerum
** The waters of the River Dyne.
** [[ Movit#11]] is no joke either.
* PublicSecretMessage: [[ Jenka and Füst are confronted during an apparent rampage in the town of Zumzum]] by three Jägerkin who declare that they were "... Charged by the ancient contract vit' de job ov savin' all dese people!" Considering that the Jägers only started serving Baron Wulfenbach about 15 years ago, reference to an ''ancient'' contract by any of them [[UndyingLoyalty can only mean]] [[RightfulKingReturns one thing]].
* PunctuatedForEmphasis
** [[ "What. Do. You. WANT."]]
** [[ This! Was! Not! My! Plan!]]
** [[ Never. Lost. A. Fight.]]
* PunctuatedPounding: [[ Tarvek to Zola.]] Not explicit, but he's just ''got'' to be timing his punches to his exclamation points.
* PunnyName: Doubling as BilingualBonus. Dr. Beetle's first name, "Tarsus", is the insect equivalent of the foot. Not a particularly meaningful pun, but it's there.
* PuppeteerParasite: Slaver wasps. Early versions just turned people into mindless revenants. Later versions could create sleeper agents who behaved otherwise normally unless given a command by the Other. The latest version can even infest Sparks, who were otherwise immune due to drastically different mental states from normal people.
* PutOnABus: The fan-nicknamed "Take Five Bomb" which [[spoiler:froze Mechanicsburg in time, took a lot of characters on a long double-decker bus ride. Among them are Moloch and the rest of the Wandering Band of Heroic Repairmen, most of the Jager Generals, the man who deliberately detonated the Take Five Bomb, Klaus Wulfenbach himself, Tarvek (which is a good thing because he was mortally poisoned and had minutes to live at the time), Theo and Sleipnir, Castle Heterodyne, the Von Mekkahns, and many more. Othar Tryggvassen, GENTLEMAN ADVENTURER was also last seen in the area of effect, but since he has a power of inexplicable extrication, it is doubtful he was stuck there for long.]]

* QuoteMine: Agatha's recorded message that [[spoiler:Lucrezia Mongfish]] is the Other and that someone should warn Baron Wulfenbach ends up being edited to say that ''Baron Wulfenbach'' is the Other. Needless to say, this causes problems.

* RageAgainstTheAuthor:
** In [[ a filler strip]], Agatha can't be convinced that Phil and Kaja Foglio have legitimately earned the Hugo Award, suspecting some mind control at work.
--->'''Phil Foglio:''' Maybe we just ''won''.
** [[BrickJoke In 2011 they decided to shut down the mind control device and resign from the category.]]
* RandomlyGifted: Sparks run in families but also develop among normal people.
* ReadyForLovemaking: Barbarian-style. When Castle is detailing Agatha's lineage, a historical depiction shows the Skull Queen of Skrall splaying herself out on her throne, enticing Dagon Heterodyne to take her after "[[ sending two hundred warrior homunculi to pique his interest]]"
* RealIsBrown: The first volume. Not so much "brown is real" as "the world is dull when your mind is damped down". For anyone who's reading the archives, going from [[ the last page of volume one]] to [[ the first page of the next]] is quite jarring.
* ReallySevenHundredYearsOld: The Jägermonsters look fairly young — well within the range of a human lifespan. However, they remember events of [[ over a hundred years ago]], and one of them (who looks like he's in his late 20s, maybe) has an adult human great-great-grandson. ([[BuffySpeak Jägermonster-ness]] is caused by a potion and not passed on in genes, so even if his kids were born after he transformed they'd be fully human.) And ''The Secret Blueprints'' say that Jaegers are nearly indestructible and many of the original company are still around, so the oldest Jaegers may well be some unknown number of centuries. No Sparks are known to be so old, which raises questions.
** To be fair, they've mentioned several previous Heterodyne family members as masters of theirs, and have bloodline loyalty, so how old a Spark could be doesn't really matter.
** No Sparks reach that age because Sparks tend to be...well...[[ScienceRelatedMemeticDisorder stark staring mad]], and many end up meeting a horrible end as a result of either personal overconfidence (taking on an entire army with a faulty death ray) or experimental screw-ups ("[[ There have been three explosions so far.]]")
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: For a guy who conquered a continent, Klaus is surprisingly open to other people's ideas. Sure, he's still the final authority, but at least he'll hear you out.
* RebusBubble
** Bangladesh [=DuPree=], when her jaw is broken. "Gil = nut?"
--->'''Gil:''' Kill everyone who enters, except Dr. Sun and myself.\\
'''[=DuPree=]:''' [Man] [Woman] [[WouldHurtAChild [Child]]]? \\
'''Gil:''' Yes, everyone. \\
'''[[AxCrazy DuPree]]:''' [Knife] [Gun] [Axe] [=[=][[NoodleImplements Cheese]]]?\\
'''Gil:''' Yes, however you want.\\
'''[=DuPree=]:''' [World's Best Boss trophy]!
** The Dingbots as well, particularly in their [[ internal]] [[ war]] in [[ Castle]] [[ Heterodyne]].
* RedEyesTakeWarning
** [[ The Monster Horse]]
** [[ Ferretina, the Weasel Queen]]
** [[ Also, the Dingbots in Bomb mode.]]
* ReedRichardsIsUseless: The occasional machine gun [[ is]] [[ seen]] (actually some variety of Gatling, in most cases), but this weapon and the enormous amounts of [[MoreDakka dakka]] it can provide seem not to have changed the face of war as they have in RealLife. Machine guns become less effective when half the opposing army is made of metal, is using advanced Spark technology, or are [[ImplacableMan Jägers]].
* RelationshipReveal: For a long time, it was hard to tell if Theo and Sleipnir were a couple or just really close friends. Then came [[ this strip.]]
* RelationshipUpgrade: [[ This]] may count as one. Higgs is pleased.
** And if it didn't, ''these'' [[ certainly]] [[ do]]!
* ReleasingFromThePromise: Tarvek does it to Violetta.
* ReligionOfEvil: The Geisterdamen worship the Other.
* {{Retcon}}: These pages. [[ 1]] [[ 2]] Look at Sergeant Scorp's hat at in the bottom panel of page one, and then in the first panel of page 2. See the change? Standard Wulfenbach wings change to Vespiary Squad wings.
* RetiredBadass: An old Mechanicsburg sandwich-maker shows up in one of the side stories. He is nicknamed "Old Man Death" -- ''by the Jägers''. Turns out he used to run with them back in his youth -- and ''never lost a fight.'' He still can forcibly boot one out of his shop now, leading to the "three tries" rule.
* ReversePsychology: For centuries inexperienced sparks tried to assert control over creations [[TurnedAgainstTheirMasters turning against them]] by shouting something like "Stop! I am your master! I created you! You can't attack me!". It never worked. Even Agatha made this mistake [[ once]]. But finally [[ Agatha found the right words]].
* RewardedAsATraitorDeserves: Klaus Wulfenbach ''despises'' traitors, as Merlot humiliatingly learns. Klaus [[KlingonPromotion promotes him]] to replace Dr. Beetle, telling him that as ''soon'' as he makes a single mistake, he'll be sent [[FateWorseThanDeath to Castle Heterodyne]].
* RidiculouslyCuteCritter:
** [[ Agatha's little clanks]] she builds as assistants, practically [[ the unofficial mascot of the comic]].
** [[ Mimmoths]] also qualify.
** [[ Young]] [[ wasp weasels]].
%%* RightHandVersusLeftHand
* RightBehindMe: Agatha is too far away to hear the conversation, but still...
-->'''Xerxsephnia:''' ''[about Agatha]'' It's not as if she's in her own lab -- or even her own ''town''. She's ''kilometers'' from Mechanicsburg -- trapped in ''our fortress'' -- in the ''dead of winter''. What ''can'' she do?\\
''[Agatha flies past the window behind her]''\\
'''Xerxsephnia:''' ... And ''why'' do you have that ''idiotic'' look on your face?
* RightInFrontOfMe: Agatha in front of Klaus, and Gil in front of Zola.
* RoaringRampageOfRevenge:
** Thanks to the one she gave the pirates that kidnapped her, Zeetha has killed anyone who could help her find her way back home to Skitfander.
** [[spoiler:Airman Higgs]] is normally [[TheStoic calm and unflappable]], even when everything is going to hell. But [[spoiler:stab his [[BattleCouple kinda-maybe love interest]] in the stomach]] and, well, [[ things might get ugly]].
** [[ Agatha]], after [[spoiler:Lars]] dies.
* RodentsOfUnusualSize:
** The Sturmhalten guides' description of "normal" sewer rats.
** There are also giant bunnies in one of the side-stories.
** In an inversion, mimmoths (tiny mammoths) seem to have crowded out much of the normal mouse's place in the ecosystem.
* RollingPinOfDoom: [[ OK, a frying pan]]
* RomanticismVersusEnlightenment: A theme of the series is finding the balance between the two. With the Knights of Jove and Baron Wulfenbach representing the extreme sides of those movements.
* RoyalBlood: The House of Heterodyne and the line of the Storm King are both very important elements of the plot, as is resentment over the current overlord of the continent being a jumped-up [[JustTheFirstCitizen baron]].
* RoyalSchool: The baron's educational facility for Europa's heirs. The world makes it a bit different, and it's made abundantly clear its primary purpose is to keep the children of potential troublemakers firmly in the Baron's grasp, but the education is excellent and the faculty stern but fair and loving.
* RoyallyScrewedUp:
** Tarvek's '''entire family'''--apparently, even the non-spark members. Best summarized by Tarvek when he explains that "The only way to keep ''my'' family in line would be to ''bury them in a row.''"
** Sparks are, by definition, at least somewhat unbalanced; most recent ruling dynasties are sparks whose families shot their way to the throne at some point; and even if the one who first seized control of a domain were comparatively self-controlled rather than brilliant and[=/=]or charismatic enough to compensate for serious instability, their heirs can survive growing [[TheCaligula far more bonkers]] than those who have to worry about the typical TorchesAndPitchforks thing.
* RummageSaleReject: Appearances aren't very nonsensical ''for the trope'', but the aesthetic is unmistakably present, mostly because several characters near-literally assemble their outfits this way.
** Gil spends the latter part of his time in Mechanicsburg wearing an outfit from a bar's costume selection with most of the more ostentatious pieces taken off.
** Krosp got his ubiquitous coat from a circus's costume department.
** Jägers win their hats off of enemies, so if you're a Jäger and your hat matches your outfit, it's luck (and they prioritize ''[[NiceHat nize]]'' hats, so many combine random aesthetics, such as Dimo's aviator cap with goggles and ''plume'', in true "why not put ''all'' the toppings on the pizza!?" style).
** Tarvek's outfit in the Castle seems to have been scavenged from stuff left lying around by past Heterodynes, and amounts to white undershirt + [[BadassLongcoat fancy greatcoat]] + green pants with [[TooManyBelts two belts stacked on top of each other]] + an extra belt worn like a sash.
** Zeetha steals the long shirt and BadassLongcoat of one of Zola's FacelessMooks and wears them under the leather pieces from her old outfit after all the cloth she was wearing is dissolved by mad science.
** Moloch eventually ends up wearing the fancy red pants from the [[SharpDressedMan nice outfit]] he was introduced wearing, two shirts he must have obtained while imprisoned, a neckerchief to cover the [[ExplosiveLeash collar/necklace]] all the Castle prisoners get, and a heavy apron from working in the murderous kitchen.
* RunningGag
** Othar yelling "Foul!" every time someone drops him from high up. Othar is the sort of fellow who thinks there should be rules to a fight, though it's pretty clear that the ones he has in mind are a bit ''laxer'' than those of the Marquis of Queensbury. He yells foul anytime someone ... well, he'd call it "pulls a dirty trick", but most everyone else would say "outsmarts him." Which is a lot, because while Othar is a first or at least ''close'' second rate spark (he wouldn't still be alive if he wasn't), he's also not that ''bright.''
** Burgermeister Zuken of Mechanicsburg's irrelevance.
** At least somewhat, Gil's insistance on the fact that Beetle threw that bomb at him.
** Sparks trying and failing to command their own creations: "that never works." [[spoiler:Except when the creation is told that the Spark is ''not'' their master. Then it just wanders off in confusion.]]
** When the Foglios have something to show you, they'll show you with an "Elegant and finely crafted link".
** People are generally more likely to recognize Gilgamesh for his [[ authority]] or [[ power]] when he wears his "[[ mighty]] nize ''[[NiceHat hat]]''".

* SailorsPonytail: Airman Higgs ("The Unstoppable" Airshipman Higgs) wears one of these. As airship units are treated as analogous to naval ones (though seafaring definitely exists in this setting), it certainly qualifies as a Sailor's Ponytail.
* SchizoTech: And how. Telegraph, radio, telephone? Nope. Motor cars? Unheard of. Heavier-than-air aircraft? Two prototypes. Strong AI, lasers and [[BackFromTheDead resurrection]] are perfectly possible, though.
* SchmuckBait:
** The tantalizingly labelled [[BigRedButton buttons]] in the last panel of [[ this strip.]]
** Lucrezia's lab has a brightly colored gumball machine with a small sign above labeled "Poison! - brought to you by the Illiteracy Reduction Campaign."
* ScienceHero: Damn near every spark that is not a homicidal lunatic and[=/=]or scheming manipulator... and frankly a couple who ''are''.
* ScienceIsBad: All through the story and backstory, the most reckless applications of science are performed regularly by those most educated and talented at it. However, it's PlayedForLaughs often enough to parody the Aesop; when Science Is ''Really'' Bad, it's ''CrazyAwesome''!
* ScienceRelatedMemeticDisorder: The Spark condition. Though even non-Spark scientists and engineers are a bit off-kilter, probably because that's how everyone expects them to act. Those usually have to assist or use stuff of Sparks. It's either become a MadScientist or go insane from this all anyway.
* ScreamsLikeALittleGirl
** Professor Tiktoffen often screams like this, and [[ the castle thinks it's funny.]]
** Also Tarvek, at least according to [=DuPree=].
--->'''[=DuPree=]:''' Oh my ''Gosh!'' I'd know that girlish scream ''anywhere!''
* ScrewGunSafety
** The [[ Jägermonsters]], though it's pretty in-character for them to try.
--->'''Jäger 1:''' Ho! Leedle recoil problem there, sir!\\
'''Jäger 2:''' Pretty neat though, ya?
** [[ Agatha and Gil look straight into a lightning generator's business end while Gil repeatedly push the button.]]
* {{Scrub}}: {{Invoked}} in Othar's log:
-->''[[ He was a dirty fighter, what with all that "winning" all the time.]]''
* ScullyBox: [[ The guardslime's creator uses one.]]
* SecretTestOfCharacter: When we first see Gil, his father is asking him to figure out what's wrong with the machine he ordered built -- except he's really testing to see if Gil is honest (or brave) enough to tell him it isn't actually possible for it to work the way Klaus said it should.
* SelfDeprecation: Phil Foglio's AuthorAvatar shows up at a hospital telling stories to sick kids... because they end up so bored that they easily fall asleep without the need for medication.
* SelfDestructMechanism: [[spoiler:Lucrezia's]] secret lab has one, and she activates it. The cancellation of self-destruct is double subverted.
* SelfServingMemory: [[spoiler:When Castle Heterodyne attacks ''Castle Wulfenbach'',]] Der Kestle has such a moment in response to Agatha's "When did I tell you to do ''that?!''"
--> '''Imaginary!Agatha:''' [[ Yay! Do that! Kill everyone in the sky!]]
* SensitiveGuyAndManlyMan: Tarvek & Gil to a degree.
* {{Seppuku}}: Expected of Jägers who break the Oath -- but only if [[NotCheatingUnlessYouGetCaught they get caught]]. At least if you believe Oggie and Maxim, who are admittedly clowning around a bit at the time. Otherwise, the Jägers show no aversion at all to rampant LoopholeAbuse, such as by claiming that, being several floors underground, they're technically not ''in'' the town.
* SerialEscalation: How many more "distractions" will Agatha, Gil and Tarvek go through before [[ThreesomeSubtext they reach]] their goal? The whole Castle Heterodyne arc appears to follow the old Hollywood maxim "start with a volcanic eruption, then build to a climax."
* SeriousBusiness: The Jägermonsters ''really'' love hats. Nothing more needs to be said. In fact, [[spoiler: Maxim refuses to let Lars be buried Hatless]].
* {{Sexbot}}: In one side story, Agatha makes a 'mechanical bedwarmer'. Later on in the story her bed is shown to have a robot double of Gil in it.
* SexySoakedShirt:
** [[ Lars gets an eyeful of Agatha washing herself.]]
** [[ Agatha, Tarvek and Gil,]] with material for everyone!
* ShaggySearchTechnique: Krosp [[ plays straight man... uh, cat.]] Subverted by [[ Agatha]] and [[ Tarvek]]. These are super-genius Mad Scientists, after all!
* ShapedLikeItself
** In the not-quite-canon story ''The Heterodyne Boys and the Dragon from Mars'',
--->'''Bill:''' I never thought I'd have to use this.\\
'''Dr. Mongfish:''' ''[reformed]'' "Ocean in a bottle"? What's that?\\
'''Bill:''' Truth in packaging.
** A book titled ''Using Found Objects as Weapons'' gets [[ThrowTheBookAtThem used to beat]] a [[{{Determinator}} particularly persistent enemy]] upside the head, striking with the sound effect [[UnsoundEffect TOME!]]
** In ''Revenge of the Weasel Queen'', Agatha uses a [[ De-arming Device]]. It does exactly that, [[AnArmAndALeg cutting the arms off Agatha's opponent]].
* SharedFamilyQuirks: It's mentioned that Sparks' "styles" of design and technology run in families; Sparks born of Sparks, even when they're not raised by their parents, will tend to follow similar paths and designs.
* SharingABody: [[spoiler:Agatha and Lucrezia]] have had the antagonistic version of this relationship since the latter's mind was transferred into the former. It was supposed to be a GrandTheftMe, as mentioned above, but it wasn't totally successful.
* ShipperOnDeck
** Moloch (and practically everyone else) ships Agatha×Gil; Violetta ships Agatha×Tarvek (cue ShipToShipCombat).
** Then there are Zeetha, "[[ Jäger girls]]", [[ Jägers]], ''[[ the crowd]]''...
** Castle Heterodyne appears to ship 'em both. Really, it ships Agatha×Anything with [[IWantGrandkids a viable set of male reproductive organs]], though it prefers guys who are strong, violent, and sparky.
*** It's implied that this was the way the "old" Heterodynes operated, since the castle comes equipped with "harem quarters" and it's mentioned that the master bedroom "only sleeps six."
** Tarvek ships [[ Higgs×Zeetha]]. Higgs' blush in the 2nd panel argues he's right.
** The supporting cast now has a [[ betting pool.]]
* ShipTease: Zeetha and Higgs had several before their RelationshipUpgrade.
* ShirtlessScene: A fair number with Gil and Tarvek, and a few others (the Baron comes to mind). Tarvek did one long one wearing but a bedsheet, and Gil did a shorter scene wearing first just that, then... less. The battle of most skin exposed continues.
* ShootTheDog: Tarvek disabling and deactivating [[spoiler:Anevka's clank]]. Wooster nearly does this to Klaus but is interrupted.
* ShouldersOfDoom: [[ Zeetha approves.]]
* ShoutOut: Lots of them, [[ShoutOut/GirlGenius now having their own subpage]].
* ShovelStrike: [[ Zeetha can do.]]
-->'''Lapinemoth:''' A ''shovel?'' Ah! What can you do with a--\\
* ShowSomeLeg: [[ Zulenna attempts it]], though it's subverted on the next page.
* ShuttingUpNow: [[ Two-part example involving Agatha and Moloch.]]
* ShutUpKiss
** [[ Agatha to Gil.]]
** [[ Tarvek to Agatha.]]
* SideBet: After [[spoiler:Tarvek kisses Agatha after she saves him]], the people of Mechanicsburg and the Jägers are seen placing bets on who Agatha will choose, with Vanamonde von Mekkahn and Violetta playing bookies.
* SigilSpam
** The Wulfenbach family signs ''everything,'' from their airships to their war machines to the smallest mechanical parts of Castle Wulfenbach, with that winged rook.
** The trilobite symbol of the Heterodynes is pretty much ubiquitous in Mechanicsburg.
** It's the same with the Sturmvoraus family symbol in Sturmhalten.
* SignedUpForTheDental: The lapinemoths in the [[ Weasel Queen filler]].
* SillyRabbitIdealismIsForKids: In the backstory, Klaus Wulfenbach helped the Heterodyne Boys with the idealistic approach; the result was a Europa that was HoldingOutForAHero, so he has little use now for idealism. As another example, Vole believes all the other Jaegermonstern are being foolishly idealistic.
* SingleTear: Vanamonde sheds one after just one sip of [[ the perfect cup of coffee.]]
* SkewedPriorities
** Locking children in vats and letting them out only for Christmas is a terrible thing, but only if you [[ let the control group out]].
** Subverted with the Jägers (or at least their generals), [[ as evidenced by this exchange]]:
--->'''General Zog:''' Ve haff a team of Jägerkin, Lackya, clenks and crew at each entry.\\
'''Klaus Wulfenbach:''' Excellent. I'm pleased at the lack of rivalry.\\
'''General Zog:''' Sir -- dere iz a time to twit nancy-boy feetsmen und a time to crush bogs.
* SkilledButNaive: Vole claims that [[spoiler:Gil and Tarvek]] are this.
* SkyPirate: Any time pirates are mentioned in the story, they are of this kind, airships being a widespread commodity. Notably, Bangladesh [=DuPree=] and her crew.
* SlasherSmile
** The Jägermonsters' mouths open literally from ear to ear and are full of very big fangs.
** Most Sparks pull off magnificent examples of this at least once when they're in their element.
** Bangladesh [=DuPree=] seems to wear it professionally.
** Zola develops an impressive SlasherSmile after taking the Movit #11.
* SleepMask: Mama Gkika wears one at night.
* TheSmartGuy: Practically all of the characters are pretty smart. Krosp is an example of the rare ''GG'' smart guy who's also the OnlySaneMan of the group.
* SmolderingShoes: Martellus [[ punching DuPree]] sends her flying while leaving her boots behind (revealing skulls-adorned socks).
* SmoochOfVictory: Agatha's idea of a fine way to celebrate exploding a giant writhing slug.
* SnarkyNonHumanSidekick: Krosp.
-->'''Krosp:''' Is this one of those situations that involves "ethics"? 'Cause I'm a ''[[CatsAreMean cat]]'', you know. I've never been very ''good'' at those.
* SoftGlass: [[ Here.]]
* SoleSurvivingScientist: Othar has been that but managed to go back in time ([[UnreliableNarrator according]] to his Twitter, anyway).
** Tarvek in the same Twitter may have been a better example, since ''he'' sent Othar back and was much closer to the problem (while Othar metaphorically "slept through it").
* SomethingOnlyTheyWouldSay: Gil learns there are two alleged Heterodyne heirs in Mechanicsburg. One arrived in a gaudy pink airship, has made several speeches and then entered Castle Heterodyne. The other is in a coffee shop rebuilding their coffee machine (and causing several explosions in the process). It doesn't take him long to realize which one is Agatha.
* TheSparkOfGenius: Possible TropeNamer. Definitely invoked throughout; it pretty much [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin says it on the tin]].
-->'''Heliotrope:''' [[ In my experience, a]] ''strong Heterodyne'' will take about two hours to ''truly'' warp the laws of nature.
* SpeakOfTheDevil: DiscussedTrope.
-->'''[[spoiler:Lucrezia!Zola]]:''' But he's been missing for years. He's no threat--\\
''[nervous glances]''\\
'''[[spoiler:Lucrezia!Anevka]]:''' Do you want him to show up?!\\
'''[[spoiler:Lucrezia!Zola]]:''' Ooh... So sorry, dear. I can't think what came over me!
* TheSpeechless: Punch ("Adam"). An early construct of the Heterodyne Brothers, he was unable to speak. [[spoiler:Until Gil extensively repaired both Punch and Judy, granting Punch speech.]]
* SpiderLimbs
** A couple of background characters are like this, apparently double amputees who use them as mobility prosthetics. Given that the whole backdrop is of a pseudo-Europe which has been in a state of low-level warfare for an indefinite period, ''ItMakesSenseInContext''.
** Agatha's [[ exoskeleton]], used to get a good night's sleep despite Zetha's wish, also gives off this vibe. [[ especially when it pulls out the weaponry.]]
* SpitTake
** [[ Agatha drops the bomb. Tarvek reacts accordingly.]]
** [[ Doctor Sun in the flashback panel.]]
** A random background jäger [[ lets fly right back into his flagon]] when he sights [[spoiler:General]] Dimo chatting with a newly arrived Agatha [[spoiler:after she disappeared for two and a half years]].
* SpontaneousHumanCombustion: There's a disease (probably engineered by some MadScientist), "[[ Hogfarb's resplendent immolation]]", that causes this effect. The body is filled with an incendiary substance, and in the end the victim will "go up like a torch". Unless they ''[[ImMelting simply melt.]]''
* {{Squee}}: Zeetha over Higgs, in panel 8 [[ here]].
* {{Squick}}: An in-universe example of this is [[ used by General Khrizhan]] to explain why Gil and Agatha [[OneTruePairing being together]] is for the best: they can't exactly get their [[UnusualEuphemism mad science]] on as long as [[spoiler:the Other, Agatha's ''mother,'' is still inside Agatha's head and possibly sensate.]] Nobody will ''ever'' work as fast as those two will when they eventually twig on that. Incidentally, this also serves to keep the UnresolvedSexualTension nice and unresolved, just the way the writers like it. [[ Later]] the sentiment is expressed by Tarvek, to the Jäger Generals' amusement.
* SquishyWizard: Averted. For no explained reason, Sparks appear to be stronger, faster, better coordinated (okay, this one is more understandable), and tougher than any normal human. This isn't counting Sparks that may have modified themselves.
* StagedPopulistUprising: The Knights of Jove conspirators like to claim they're doing it for the people.
* StandardFemaleGrabArea: Subverted. "Snapper" Boikov tries it on Sanaa. HilarityEnsues.
-->'''R-71:''' Tsk. Even ''I'' know that was ''stupid''.\\
'''Wrenchman:''' ''[-Requiescat in pace and all that rot.-] Dibs on his boots!''
* StarCrossedLovers: Violetta is of the opinion that Gil and Agatha's romance has a huge chance of [[ going down in flames.]] Tarvek realizes [[OhCrap she may have a point.]]
* SteamPunk: Everywhere. The authors prefer to call it "gaslamp fantasy" though, because of the absence of 'punk' and the presence of Frankenstein-esque constructs, giant slugs that produce zombie-making wasps, resurrection procedures, death rays, and time travel. Also "calming pies".
* StopHelpingMe[[invoked]]
** Gil as his friends "creatively" explain his plans and motivations to the people of Mechanicsburg, as seen in the fourth panel [[ here]], almost word-for-word.
** And Agatha to Moloch, as seen in the last panel [[ here]].
--->'''Agatha: THANK YOU'''. For your '''HELP'''.\\
'''Moloch:''' I-I'll just...\\
'''Agatha:''' Shut up...?\\
'''Moloch:''' Yes...
** This happens a lot, especially when Sparks are involved. At one point when Gil unleashes a mechanical cage in an effort to attract a crowd, [[ Theo and Sleipnir try to keep the crowd safe, while only making things worse.]]
--->'''Zeetha''': They are trying to help, right?\\\\
'''Gil''': It's my fault, really. I make it look easy.
* StormOfBlades
** An insane secondary kitchen in Castle Heterodyne uses this against Agatha twice. The storm includes not only knives, but forks, corkscrews and skewers.
** [[ Castle chases after a fleeing Zola]] with several sharp and dangerous implements, including a cheesegrater, candelabra, and ''[[NoodleImplements a shoehorn]]''.
* StrappedToAnOperatingTable: Various incidents here and there -- this is a world run by mad scientists, after all.
** Othar, by Klaus.
** From a Heterodyne play: "You! Minion! Why am I strapped to this table? And [[PowerPerversionPotential WHERE ARE MY PANTS?!?]]"
** Tarvek and Gil have to be strapped to a table for [[ the Si Vales Valeo procedure.]]
** Gil does it to [=DuPree=] to have his hands free while doing MadScience.
--->'''Bang:''' ''...Seriously'' pathetic.\\
'''Gil:''' I assure you, that table is purely for ''medical'' purpose.\\
'''Bang:''' [[ArentYouGoingToRavishMe That's what I meant!]]
* {{Stripperiffic}}
** While a great many female characters don't seem to have a problem showing a little skin, the "[[ Weasel Queen]]" shows a '''lot''' of it.
** Zeetha spent some time roughing out in Mechanicsburg and the Castle while wearing just a leather bikini and boots. But then again, [[TheNudifier it wasn't her fault]].
* StuffBlowingUp:
** ''Sooo'' much shrapnelly goodness... Making things blow up that by all rights shouldn't seems like a mandatory side-effect of being a Spark.
---> '''Andre:''' No big deal. Schtuff blows op ''all de time.''
** [[ "Hee hee. Death Ray go BOOM!"]]
* SubmarinePirates: Sanaa Wilhelm [[spoiler: or rather Trygvassen]] was apparently queen of a group of pirates who used a mechanical narwhal before ending up at castle Heterodyne.
* SuperFunHappyThingOfDoom
** Castle Heterodyne has several of these, including The Happy Fun Ball of Death and Fun-Sized Mobile Agony and Death Dispensers.
** The Radio Theater Break has one, in the form of Ferretina's lightning generator, labeled [[ "Zappy Fun Box MK 1."]]
* SuddenlyVoiced: Adam "Punch" Clay after Gil [[spoiler: upgrades him during a resurrection]]. After several decades of not speaking, it's hard to make him stop again.
* SufficientlyAnalyzedMagic: TropeNamer. In the Cinderella side story, Cinderella!Agatha fixes the Fairy Godmother's malfunctioning magic wand, despite being told she couldn't possibly understand the principles behind its operation.
* SuperSerum: Many of them. Overdosing is always a concern, whether it's the Movit series of Smoke Knight pick-me-ups ("Drugs! Lovely, lovely drugs!"), the water of the river Dyne ("I LIKE IT!"), or the Jagerdraught and Battledraught brewed using the latter.
* SuperSoldier
** The Jägermonsters, who were created by the old "bad" Heterodynes as shock troops but then had to obey the "good" Heterodynes due to the oath of loyalty they take ''very'' seriously (though are still capable of breaking; look at Captain Vole). One of the ingredients of the Jägerbrau used to transform people into Jägers is water from the river Dyne, which Heterodynes are known for drinking and gaining superhuman strength as a result.
** And don't forget Von Pinn. Or ''[[ else.]]''
** And [[spoiler: Airman Higgs]] is looking mighty super, recently...
* SuperSpeed: The various Moveit tonics, while not exactly granting super speed, give people temporarily increased speed and energy with some implied physical toll later on. Half a bottle of Moveit #6 got [[spoiler:Tarvek]] on his feet for hours though he was fatally ill, and a few sips of Moveit #11 turned [[spoiler:Zola]] from a reasonably good fighter into a [[LightningBruiser crazy battle goddess.]] [[spoiler:And then Airman Higgs shows us all what super speed ''really'' is.]]
* SuspiciouslySpecificDenial:
** Sheesh, whose adolescent slave-girl fantasies are we indulging here anyway? [[ Not mine!]]
** Also, this gem [[ here]]:
--->'''Wooster:''' Do you get ''all'' your plans from bad Heterodyne farces, now?\\
'''Agatha:''' Shut up. It'll ''work''.\\
'''Wooster:''' But you could--\\
'''Agatha:''' I'm trying to keep a low profile here. This is a "normal person" plan. Building a steam-powered grab-and-subdue clank out of the stove would be too ''showy''.\\
'''Margarella:''' Wait. You could ''do'' that?\\
'''Agatha:''' Of course not!\\
'''Margarella:''' ''Aaaah!'' You ''could'' do that!
* SymbolSwearing: [[ With translation, no less.]]
* {{Synchronization}}: Gil and Tarvek, thanks to the Si Vales Valeo procedure.

* TactfulTranslation: Whatever Agatha was [[SymbolSwearing saying]] in [[ this strip,]] it most certainly wasn't what was in the footnote.
-->''Ooh, what naughty little devices, to so turn upon your creator! Oh! Indeed, my foot is in quite excruciating pain! I shall construct a device that will give you'' such a whack'', see if I don't!''
* TakeANumber: Part of the [[ psychological torture room]]. "The torturer is now serving victim number 03." In a subversion, the distributor is out of numbers... Othar doesn't take it well.
* TakeAThirdOption: Try an incredibly risky procedure with only stuff made for killing someone or take him to another hospital, which may or may not have the requisite stuff anyway? [[ Alternatively...]]
* TakeOurWordForIt: The titillating plot of ''The Socket Wench of Prague''.
* TakeOverTheWorld: Baron Wulfenbach has already taken over the world -- or at least the bulk of Europe, where the story is set -- by the time the story starts, and ''he never wanted to''. There's a conspiracy that seems to be trying to do this for themselves, using [[spoiler:Tarvek]] as figurehead.
* TakingYouWithMe: [[ "... And even if it does, I won't go alone!"]]
* TalkingIsAFreeAction: Gil takes a panel to rant about not being taken seriously -- [[ in the middle of his fight with Vole.]]
** Subverted later on. It turns out Vole remembered and decided not to let talking be a free action [[ this time.]]
* TallTale: The Heterodyne Boys tales.
* TapOnTheHead
** Lars, meet Jäger:
--->'''Agatha:''' Oh. Lars gets hysterical after a fight. It's hard to calm him down.\\
'''Oggie:''' [[ No, it ain't!]]
** Violetta administers one to Agatha to keep her from [[LeeroyJenkins charging a]] [[PsychoSerum juiced-up]] [[spoiler:Zola]].
** Agatha gives one to [[spoiler: Martellus]] after he tells her that he [[spoiler:performed an operation on them to make her physically addicted him (to the point of death if she isn't in contact)]] and that [[spoiler: it can't be solved by killing him and hacking off an arm]]. Of course you'd think that Agatha would remember that this ''isn't'' a safe thing to do, but considering [[spoiler: everything we've seen Martellus endure so far the danger probably isn't that great]].
* TattooedCrook: [=DuPree's=] second-in-command.
* TeamMom: Agatha toward 'her' three Jaegers, and increasingly toward others in her command. A consequence of her sense of responsibility and her [[OnlySaneMan Least Insane Woman]] status.
* TearsOfRemorse: Barry, in the flashback where he gave Agatha her locket.
* TemptingFate: Many instances here and there.
** Da Boyz:
--->'''Oggie:''' ''Dose'' tings? Dey don't look like much.\\
'''Maxim:''' Oh, now hyu iz just ''[[LampshadeHanging asking]]'' for it.
** "It's just one little clank."
** "Somebody's coming out! To surrender, I imagine."
** "How much more trouble could it ''be''?"
** [[ "Whelp, the day can't get any]] '''weirder'''!" For future reference, that is something you simply ''do not'' say in this story. ''Ever.''
** Tarvek should [[GenreSavvy really know]] not to [[ say such things]], but:
--->'''Tarvek:''' Ah! Violetta! My little cloud of doom! Even ''you'' cannot dampen my spirits right now.
** Clank!Anveka tempts fate rather horribly only two pages after the AuthorAvatar's "Whelp, the day can't get any weirder!" above. Next page starts with [[spoiler:Tarvek]] handing the device in question to [[spoiler:The Other.]]
--->'''Clank!Anveka:''' Well, then. A device he doesn't know about- hidden where he will not find it -- in a safe he cannot open? I have more pressing things to worry about. Besides, if it ''was'' in his hands, do you really think he'd just ''hand'' it to her?"
** Xerxsephnia makes a very foolish assumption that she has Agatha helplessly grounded, far away from her town or any potential allies. When her brother tries to persuade her that "the Heterodyne Girl" is a threat after all, she brushes his concerns off, asking "What '''can''' she do?" [[ Cue Agatha flying past the tower's window in a swan-shaped sleigh.]]
** In a conversation with [[spoiler:two instances of the Other]], one of them almost claims Barry Heterodyne wouldn't be a threat to their plan before the other stops them in fear of this trope.
* ThatCameOutWrong: Gil [[ has such a way with words]]. Of course, it ''would'' have helped if she'd let him finish his sentence.
* ThatWasntARequest:
-->'''Wooster:''' The castle '''spoke''' to him. It demanded to be '''repaired'''. One of the team members spoke against the idea. And the castle [[TrapDoor made it clear]] that it '''wasn't a request'''. It was '''then''' that they realized [[MalevolentArchitecture just how far]] it was to the '''door'''.
* TheyCalledMeMad: Seems to be a CatchPhrase for mad scientists.
** Parodied in the ''Cinderella'' omake, in which Agatha "showed them, showed them all."
** Later, Agatha inspected herself in a small mirror which read on the back "You Will Show Them All."
** And one of [[TheMerch the shirts]] [[ available]] says "FOOLS! I will destroy you all! Ask me how!"
* TheMadnessPlace: The trope namer, for good reason. All Sparks can be pretty crazy when they're in a "Spark-induced fugue state," as one character puts it delicately. They vary in their ability to control it, some being manically sociopathic and some retaining their ability to reason (to some degree). The most dangerous Sparks are by far the ''latter'' kind, since they can bend their madness to practical goals. It's not for no reason that Klaus, Gil, Agatha, and Tarvek, are among the most potent sparks in the setting.
* TheyLookLikeUsNow: The "stealth" revenants, only now being discovered.
* ThisIsGonnaSuck: Often -- [[ like this]].
* ThisIsReality: TemptingFate [[ here]].
* ThisIsSomethingHesGotToDoHimself: ...[[ or not]].
* [[ThoseTwoGuys Those Three Guys]]: Oggie, Maxim and Dimo play this role.
* ThreesomeSubtext
** Agatha×Gil×Tarvek, ever so much, culminating in [[ this]] exchange:
--->'''Tarvek:''' '''''--loyal vassal?!'''''\\
'''Gil:''' ...''and'' we're ''both'' "on ''Agatha's string!''"\\
'''Tarvek:''' Well... ''that'' I can ''live with!''
** [[ "We could have kept him safe."]]
* ThroughHisStomach: Snaug, on Moloch.
* ThrowABarrelAtIt: Although it isn't technically "thrown", [[ the comic is proof]] that even a Barrel can be AxCrazy.
* TimeSkip: One occurs when [[spoiler: Tweedle takes Agatha (and inadvertently Krosp and Violetta) through a transit portal. Though it ''should'' have been instantaneous, two and a half years passed before they emerged.]] It's later revealed that [[spoiler: Klaus caused this by activating some sort of time-stasis device in Mehanicsburg at the exact moment they entered the portal. Details are still scanty, but the Wulfenbach Empire reportedly longer exists, the territory around Mechanicsburg is under Gil's monomaniacal control and Tarvek's family has abandoned their claim to the title of Storm King.]]
* TitleDrop: [[ In a roundabout way.]]
-->'''Bang''': ''[tch]'' '''''What''''', you're surprised? She's outsmarted us before. I mean, if they write this down, they ain't gonna be calling it "'''''Boy''''' Genius".
* TomboyWithAGirlyStreak: Violetta is a kick-ass smoke knight; Agatha wins her loyalty with the promise of a party and a pretty dress
* TooDumbToLive
** A certain little girl in Mechanicsburg: "Hello Herr Clank! Are you a flowerpot?"
** Special mention goes to [[ X the destroyer]] who decided a big X on the ground within range of enemy ordnance was a good place to set up his tent. Admittedly, it was inadvertent SchmuckBait in that case...
** Sure, Mechanicsburg is a great place to grab a pair of [[ innocent hostages]]. Whom the pair promenading while the invaders are still surrendering should be.
** Martellus von Blitzengaard, a.k.a. Tweedle, shows increasing signs of being this. Mouthing off before [[spoiler:a very unstable and obsessed Gil that he won't ever reach Agatha [[ proves a good way to get his hands mangled and/or chopped off, and then stabbed multiple times by Bang; even after that, he STILL has to be physically hauled away by his minions.]]]]
* TookALevelInBadass
** Gil got lessons from Dr. Sun, Agatha from Zeetha, and Ardsley Wooster apparently had a few well-hidden under his belt.
** Boris Dolokhov goes from being the Baron's amanuensis [[ and being insulted]] [[ by Jägermonsters]] to [[ beating a Jägermonster until it was willing to give up classified information]]. The novelization says that he already was a skilled fencer before his previous employer gave him extra arms.
** And Agatha has been steadily grinding her way up to a 20th level badass too.
** Even MauveShirt [[ Moloch]] has been doing well in Agatha's presences. Even his [[ seduction skills]] are improved.
* TooKinkyToTorture
** Considering Von Pinn's suitors treat her beating the hell out of them as a come-on...
** The one exception thus far may be Dolokhov's beating a Jäger until he talked.
* TooMuchInformation: Tea cozy... [[NoodleImplements only one spoon]]...
** "[[ He had to leave...]] [[FunetikAksent rather qvickly vun-]]" "I did ''not'' ask!"
* TortureFirstAskQuestionsLater: Oh, Bang.
-->'''[=DuPree=]:''' ''[zaps Abner]'' Now, are you going to ''cooperate'', or...\\
'''Payne:''' What do you ''want?!''\\
'''[=DuPree=]:''' Oh, right.
* TrainingFromHell: The Skifander warrior training Zeetha gave to Agatha
** "Thank you, Zeetha!"
** Dr. Sun suggesting Gil needed a thrashing visibly scared him.
*** This later comes back as a BrickJoke when Dr. Sun destroys a 25' HugeMecha ''with nothing but his fists...'' [[OffscreenMomentOfAwesome offscreen.]]
* TranquilFury: The Oct. [[ 18th]], [[ 20th]], and [[ 25th]] updates. [[spoiler:Though, with that [[OohMeAccentsSlipping little slip]], it might be a matter of time before Higgs goes nuclear]].
* TranslationConvention: WordOfGod and incidental writing in the background says that everything is actually in German and Romanian, translated for the benefit of the audience. Except, one presumes, when we're privy to Wooster's thoughts as English is presumably still the language of Britain.
* TrappedInVillainy[=/=]ExplosiveLeash: Tarvek's cousin, Tweedle, tries this on Agatha. ''Immediately'' subverted in that she knocks him unconscious, locks him in her chains, and sets about taking off the leash.
* TraumaticSuperpowerAwakening: Sparks during the "breakthrough" usually go crazy in a destructive way. Due to her uncle's tampering, in Agatha's case the "awakening" part happened when she was technically asleep. It's explained also that this trope is how a lot of Sparks get killed early on: either their creation turns on them, or else they create an incredibly powerful weapon and yet are also still crazy/inexperienced enough to turn it on an army.
* TropeOverdosed: Just look at the length of these pages. And it's still growing.
** On a micro scale, [[ this page of the comic]] is linked to [[ReadingsAreOffTheScale about 7,000 times]] from TVTropes. [[TropesAreNotBad Not necessarily a bad thing]], as it's a great page that nicely encapsulates the appeal of the comic as a whole.
* TroperCriticalMass
* TroubledButCute: {{Lampshaded}} at the start of the ''Cinderella'' filler, when Gil and Tarvek argue over who's playing the story's prince:
-->'''Gil:''' ''I'm'' the prince! I'm all tortured and driven by love!\\
'''Tarvek:''' ''Feh. I'm'' the misunderstood one with the mysterious agenda. ''Muy sexy.''
* TruthInTelevision: Moxana is based upon the [[ Mechanical Turk]], an eighteen-century chess-playing automaton. The Turk was a hoax, operated by someone inside it, but [[spoiler:Moxana is a real version.]]
* TruthSerum: The old Prince Sturmvoraus may have given Agatha a [[ bit]] [[ too]] [[ much]].
-->'''Agatha:''' Oh, and I saw the Baron a bit when I was on Castle Wulfenbach. But I had to run away when everyone found out I was the Heterodyne.\\
'''Tarvek:''' [[SpitTake PFBT!]]
* TurnedAgainstTheirMasters
** This happens every once in a while with Sparks' creations. The Sparks then inevitably order them to stand down, which [[HilarityEnsues ends as expected]].
--->'''[[GenreSavvy Moloch]]:''' Uh... that ''never'' works, you know...
** In a bout of GenreSavvy, Agatha deals with one monster by saying she isn't its creator and has no intention of ordering it around. The perplexed monster immediately loses interest in her and leaves. Its actual master turns up later, and attempts to assert his authority in the usual way. As usual, [[ it doesn't work]].
* TVTropesWikiDrinkingGame: November 2th's [[ issue]] features {{Egregious}} Heterodyne. No, really.
* TwistedEchoCut: If the Mistress were here, ''[[ she'd say]]..." - "'''Kneel, you miserable minion!'''"