!!Disney's 1957 TV Show

* The 3rd episode, 'Zorro Rides into the mission' gives this moment when Captain Monastario, the BigBad on the first story arc, tried to arrest Don Ignacio Torres, who took sanctuary in the Mission of San Gabriel. Padre Felipe pointed out to Monastario that he is not allowed to arrest Torres so long as he has sanctuary in the church, which leads to this;
--> '''Monastario''': And who would know if I just took him by force? We're a long way from both Madrid and Rome.
--> '''Padre Felipe''': [[DeadpanSnarker True, but I'm not far away from that flower pot, with which I can bash you over the head, until my faithful Indians can come to the rescue.]]

!!Isabel Allende's novel

* The [[LemonyNarrator narrator]] making clear that Zorro's mask serves to hide Diego's humongonous bat-like ears.