* Caroline's reaction in the season 4 Red Bench skit.
--->'''Caroline (cringing):''' You mean the one my dad just ''glued back together?''
* Her reaction in the season 3 version, too.
--->'''Caroline (cringing):''' You mean the one my dad just...''painted''?
--->'''Everyone else:''' [[OhCrap HUH???!!!]]
* Jared and Kaleigh's skits with Mr. Bones.
* All the Ubbi Dubbi Man Skits.
* In one "ZOOM-Out" segment, Kortney waits for her cat to come into the room, while humming the "Jeapordy!" theme.
* A blooper reel shows Emily constantly popping the balloons she's working with and yelling in surprise.
* While playing "the cup game" in season one, one of the ZOOMers (while watching) goes "people power!" to which another goes "whoever power!"
* "One Day". The play is just so hilarious, with Alisa as a midget reciting a ironic poem and barely managing to restrain herself from laughing.